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May 17, 2007 08:51 AM

Street Fairs

NYC is know for its summer street fairs. Many offer a wide selection of foods to sample. Can anyone comment on the different fairs they have attended? Which ones have you enjoyed, which would you steer clear of?

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  1. I think they are all the same. Except if you go to one that specifically markets something different- like that bar-b-que themed event... but the ones that you run into on broadway on every block, every weekend... same food, same vendors, same cd stand, same jewlery, same grilled corn on the cob *yum*

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    1. re: Tal

      ITA. Same same same. They need to diversify.

    2. Here's a first cut by stand:

      Mozzareppa - looks great, but too bland for my taste, expensive
      Fruit Juice - (as described)
      Italian - great Italian sausages, variety of yummy fried foods under heat lamps (preferred, since freshly fried usually means too hot), but avoid the more complex dishes (beef, sweatbreads, etc.)
      Asian Food - too greasy, sits in warming dishes with extra grease (to prevent dryness, I guess)
      Grilled Corn- get the ones cooked IN the skin...otherwise it gets too charred
      Gyro - the meat sits around too long, not as good as the lunch cart places
      Crepes - for some reason, it's not that good (love the takeout ones in Paris, so I DO like the product)

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      1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

        Pretty much the only food I ever get at a street fair is the hot italian sausage. Just be aware that if you don't pay attention you might get a burnt one since the sausages essentially sit on the grill all day.

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          Also: funnel cake and zeppoles.

          And the Asian food is usually Thai, for some reason.

        2. manhattan street fairs are all the same as described above - basically all smaller variations of san gennaro (yuck). i did go to the atlantic antic in brooklyn last year and while it had the usual suspects, there were also lots of stalls from the restaurants in the area - including some very delicious ethnic treats.

          (i hope i don't get reprimanded since this is the NYC board..!)

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          1. re: lilnugget

            i think theres one this weekend on 9th that any different?..they really talk about all of the different foods there...any thoughts?

            1. re: karins

              Some of the local vendors are out (Poseidon Bakery, Mama's Empanadas, among others), but most of the stands are the standard street fair type.

                1. re: karins

                  I'm not a big fan of street fairs. However, I think the 9th Ave is decent as well as Taste of Chinatown. But you do have to search among the mozzarepas, bad Thai food and sausage stands for the good ones.

              1. Ask this question on the Outer Boroughs board for info on the Atlantic Antic; the very street fair-like food offerings at the Caribbean Labor Day Parade; and the every-weekend Red Hook Ball Fields.

                In Manhattan, the 9th Ave. festival is the only one with any character at all.

                1. here's a schedule of this stuff. like most would say, generic, identical vendors, even 4 or 5 of the same vendor at one fair.


                  best to stick with some of the eating tours found on the site (jackson heights tour, flushing tour, greenpoint tour, etc.)

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                  1. re: bigjeff

                    If you're in town this weekend you might want to check out the 9th Ave Food Festival. It runs from about 38th St to 56th St on both Saturday and Sunday. It's one of the few fairs left with local/independent vendors.