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May 17, 2007 08:45 AM

Best bar to eat dinner @

I am looking for a new place to have dinner at the bar tonight in the cambridge / boston are. Good service and cocktails would be nice. Looking for 70$ ahead or less. Any sugestions?

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  1. This is my kind of question! I generally prefer bar service...

    Great food, service, and cocktails:
    Eastern Standard (if the games are rained out this works, if not, go
    another time)
    Gargoyle's (okay it's in Somerville, but Davis Sq. might as well be Cambridge)
    Franklin Cafe (so good on a day like this)
    Blue Room

    Good food, great service and great cocktails
    B-Side Lounge (would need to get there a little early for a bar seat)
    Deep Ellum (had a couple bites there last week and there was an improvement. Service and cocktails are very solid.)
    Cuchi Cuchi
    Audubon Circle (if the Sox games are rained out)
    River God's

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    1. re: kittychow

      Still looking for some where new
      Great food, service, and cocktails:
      Eastern Standard - go here way too much
      Gargoyle's - might try it
      Teatro - never been
      Prezza - heard it was pretty good
      Franklin Cafe - my girl friend was just there last week
      Blue Room - not a big fan

      Good food, great service and great cocktails
      B-Side Lounge - my local boozer
      Deep Ellum - not gonna make it to allston tonight and also not a big fan of the food
      Cuchi Cuchi - I don't really think the menu is worth the final bill
      Audubon Circle - I have eaten so many pot stickers and pressed sandwiches from here in my life.
      River God's - love this place so much I was just there on sunday

      1. re: skidstop

        Wow, sounds like we might rub elbows from time to time. ;)

        Teatro can get busy so you'd want to go early since the bar is very small. I've never had a bad time and the antipasto for two is wonderful, huge, and a real value.

        Really enjoy Chez Henri as well just wish the bar was a bit larger. Tough to settle in if you get there too late.

        Prezza - Try it! Seriously, very good bar and terrific food.

        Gargoyle's is relatively new to me but I really dig it. Had great apps and entrees. It was a busy bar scene but the bartenders were fabulous and knowledgeable about the food. If I wasn't so lazy about heading to Davis I'd go there way more often.

        Almost forgot about Sel De La Terre. I love the bar there. Great food and drinks. For some reason it's especially appealing on gloomy days.

        Another restaurant bar I really enjoy is Sorriso. Very good bar tending. I like the pizzas and apps very much here. Super nice host/manager. I think they have the yummiest buffalo mozzarella I've ever had.

        1. re: skidstop

          Prezza should be the choice since you haven't been there AND you can get two 3 course meals for $45 if you sit in the bar area. No choices but great stuff. And the bar is fun in general even if you decide to spend more $$.

          1. re: Joanie

            Second everything Joanie says, and Prezza has good cocktails too!

        2. re: kittychow

          Amen to Prezza and its sister restaurant Copia (especially on nights when Bill is the bartender!) Bar service is as good or better than table service...imho

          1. re: Northender

            Hey Northender! Sounds like we rub elbows too ; )

            I haven't been to Copia in a few weeks; going next weekend though. Unfortunately, I heard Billy is gone. Any truth to the rumor?

            1. re: Rubee

              Yes, Billy has been gone for about a month.

              1. re: Rubee

                Maybe we have:)

                Say it aint so about Billy. That will take Copia out of the rotation for me...

            2. re: kittychow

              Just a note about Audubon Circle and Sox games - I think in general if the Sox are out of town it is fine or it is generally easy to get a seat after 7pm on nights with games since the fans tend to clear out by then to get to the game, but I discovered last night that it is actually very crowded when the game is rained out because a bunch of people come for pre-game food and drinks and then do not leave since they now have no where more interesting to go.

            3. chez henri's bar menu rocks. even if you don't like their cuban sandwich. i also like harvest's bar menu a lot.

              1. For $70 or less with great cocktails and good food I'd recommend Green St. and No. 9. No. 9 can be difficult to get a seat at the bar and you might be pushing your budget depending upon how much food you order and how thirsty you are. You'll stumble out of Green St. stuffed and drunk for $70. Green St. is a little more relaxed, almost a family/pub feeling, No. 9 is a tad more formal at the bar and significantly so in the dining room.

                Chez Henri is nice too, but again difficult to grab a seat. Eastern Standard is great but if there's a game forget about it, come back in December.

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                1. Gargoyles in Davis Sq. is one of my all time favorites! Great seared tuna, and they used to have these amazing fried rice sticks. There's generally a pretty short wait to get a seat. Of course, I live very close to Davis, so traveling there is not a problem.

                  On the other side of town, I also like James' Gate in JP. But I LOVE Zon's in JP. The bar is small, but the bartenders are great and very nice. Plus the rest of the restaurant is not un-bar-like. (Was that a double or a triple negative?)

                  In Brookline, I've always been a big fan of Matt Murphy's but some here have had bad experiences with service there. Washington Square Tavern also has very good food and great atmosphere, but I myself have had problems with the service there.

                  If you're looking in Cambridge (besides Chez Henri, which I love), Christopher's in Porter Sq. will certainly be cheaper than $70 a head, and they have good burgers and other bar food, plus you can head next door afterward (to Toad) for some live music -- if you can fit... Toad is truly tiny. Central Kitchen -- in Central Sq. -- was also a very good spot, though it's been a while so I can't attest to whether it's changed at all.

                  1. Anybody mention Mistral yet? It's a real nice bar for good drinks and dinner.