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May 17, 2007 08:39 AM

Delivery in Midwood/Sheepshead/Gravesend/Homecrest Area?

I've lived in the neighborhood for almost a year now and only gotten delivery from Sahara in fear of bad food. Please share your favorite delivery/eat-in places in the area --- Thank you!

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  1. Look at my answer to the post below - all these places deliver.

    1. In Gravesend:

      Naniwa on Kings Highway: tasty, fresh and fairly cheap sushi with super-quick delivery.

      Torre's A&A Pizzeria on Bay Parkway: totally amazing vodka sauce and fresh mozzarella pizza. They'll also make a pesto and fresh mozz one, though it's not on the menu, which is a total foodgasm. Everything else I've ever had from this place has been great, especially the eggplant parmesan. If you're lucky, they throw in free zeppoles.

      L&Bs delivers, but they take forever.