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May 17, 2007 08:38 AM

Tuthilltown (Hudson Valley) Bourbon, Rye?

I've been reading about the Tuthilltown Distillery, in NY's Hudson Valley. It sounds like they make a great Bourbon and a great Rye, and there are new batches of each due out soon (actually, two types of Rye).

Does anyone have any experience with these - what would you compare them to, which do you prefer, how would you describe them?

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  1. Adam,
    Sometime ago I posted asking the very same questions. No one answered. So I took it upon myself to try it. Last night Le Nells, the really good Brooklyn liquor store had a tasting of their products @ the Montauk club in Brooklyn. I wanted to like their hootch, being a local product, small production, small business etc... I ws sorely underwhelmed and dissapointed. All their products, bourbon, rye, corn liquor, taste "green" to me. It needs more time in the cask and maybe they need some more experience distilling. To give you a reference point, I like Noahs Mill, Knob Creek and the Hirsch Canadian Rye.

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      I toured their distillery today, and sampled everything they offer afterwards. I brought home a bottle each of the Manhattan Rye and the Four Grain Bourbon, and would recommend them to anyone, especially anyone interested in enjoying them straight up, no mixer, no chaser. I don't find them to taste "green" at all, though the owners do have an ideological disdain for specific-time-period aging, preferring to age their spirits just to where they taste the way they want them to taste. Now, the Hudson Corn Whiskey -- aka White Lightning -- THAT tasted green! But in a good way...

    2. I like all of their products. Particularly their corn whiskey. Give em a whirl, they are not crazy expensive...

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        I'm definitely going to try more as I get the opportunity. But the one bottle (375ml, IIRC) of single malt that I bought was $40. That, to me, is more expensive than 90+% of the whisk(e)y out there. Haven't looked to see what the other varieties are like, price-wise.

        1. re: ted

          I agree, not cheap, but when you think that most of their grains are gown by small NY State farms, all of the corn in the corn whiskey is NY grown, and it is one of (the only?) the few distilleries in NY, it's not like you are just paying for another product from Jim Beam with a fancy label made out of agribusiness corn...

          Perhaps not an everyday tipple, but not crazy expensive. They do also sell 1/2 bottles and I think even samplers of 3 or 4 of them.