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May 17, 2007 07:41 AM

bay ridge chinese delivery

help - usually order from szechuan gardens but sick of it. is there anything better?

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  1. Not familiar with Szechuan Gardens, but you might like 86 Noodles (86th & 3rd) and Chopstix (84thish and 5th, never mind the idiotic name.) I'd give the edge to Chopstix - the Fried Shrimp with chili peppers is particularly addictive.

    1. We usually order from Chopstix- it's not life-changing or anything, but it's reliably good. 86 Noodle is OK too, although my husband ordered a totally inedible General Tso's once, so we've stayed away since.

      1. Just moved to Park Slope and I really miss Chopstix... I haven't found Chinese delivery here that is even close.

        1. Definitely Chopstix ... their pork dumplings in particular are fantastic ( I prefer pan-fried, but I've heard good things about the steamed ones as well).

          1. For some reason, my kids don't like Chopstix. We go to Chens Kitchen. They are the nicest people and will make anything. True, the food is pretty average, but it is no worse than any of the other options...

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