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May 17, 2007 07:39 AM

Minneapolis Top Eats

I will be in Minny for a business trip this weekend; Can anyone recommend their favorite can't miss neighborhood joints, as well as the best top-tier eateries in town? Thanks

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  1. In what part of Minneapolis will you be staying?
    Will you have a car?
    How long or how far are you willing to travel?
    How many meals are you planning to eat out -- any breakfasts or lunches?
    What is your price range?
    What foods or cuisines do you prefer -- or avoid?

    Have you checked out any of these recent threads on the similar topic?

    1. Quick short list for Minneapolis expense accounting:

      Alma (new american)
      Manny's (steakhouse)
      Murray's (steakhouse)
      Oceanaire (seafood, same as all the other Oceanaires)
      D'Amico Cucina (italian posh)
      112 (new american, good luck getting a table)
      La Belle Vie (french/new american Lounge or Dining Room, again hard table)
      Origami (japanese)
      Vincent (french)
      Nami (japanese)
      Cosmos (new american/fusion)
      Solera (tapas/spanish fusion)
      Chambers Kitchen (new american/fusion, I'm not a fan, but people seem to like it)
      20.21 (fusion)

      There are many many others I'm sure people will list their favorites. Word of caution: I suggest avoiding Bellanotte, for some reason it is on the expense account radar for those we entertain from out of market due to some good marketting, but it is absolutely terrible.

      1. Foureyes137's list is pretty comprehensive. For geography's sake, you should know that all of the restaurants that were listed are located in the downtown Minneapolis area, other than Alma, La Belle Vie, and 20.21 (which are within a 5-10 minute cab ride from downtown).

        Other recommendations that are not in downtown Minneapolis:

        Lucia's (new American with emphasis on regional foods- located in Uptown -- 10-15 minutes from Downtown
        Heartland (also new American with emphasis on regional foods - located in a neighborhood in St. Paul -- 15 minutes from Downtown Minneapolis
        Fugaise ("new" French - across the river from Downtown


        Also, if you are looking for food and entertainment, I would recommend The Dakota, which is Downtown. It's a jazz club with pretty good food (

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        1. re: bob s

          Ugh! How did I forget Fugaise!? Good call bob.

        2. My boyfriend's from there, and he swears by Vecchio's, a little Italian, huge portions, etc.

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          1. re: ap616

            It's actually spelled Vescio's, and it's old-school Italian-American food. The original Dinkytown location has sustained many a poor college student.

            But even though I crave the sausage dip and the square-cut pizza from time to time (comfort food associated with my picky childhood), I wouldn't recommend it to a visitor. The pasta is mushy, and they put the same red sauce on everything - luckily, it's a pretty decent red sauce.

            There's a better place across the street - Kafe 421. But even this one, nice as it is, wouldn't be on my "Minneapolis Top Eats" list. (Instead, I'd go with Foureyes137's list.)


            1. re: AnneInMpls

              i concur that Foureyes' list is the one i'd go off of, adding bob s' list if the op's tastes run to the eclectic/sustainable-- to bob s' list i'd add spoonriver/cafe brenda.

              my personal choice for eating out on an expense account would be alma all the way and first and foremost; then 112, lucia's and vincent in no particular order. i used to love manny's when i ate big huge steaks (can't do it no more), had some great meals at origami but of late it has been iffy-- the op wants some neighborhood joints, so i'll plug hell's kitchen and al's for breakfast, see KT Foley's links for more on these, and suggest a lunch on eat street, in dinkytown, or at midtown global market-- i don't know the op's tastes. . .

          2. Might I suggest not going to downtown and pick neighborhood goodies? They are not fancy but good food.
            El Meson (Carribean and Spanish) or Victors 1959 Cafe (Cuban - my favorite breakfast spot) in the uptown Minneapolis area
            Emily's Lebanese Deli in northeast Minneapolis
            Sample Room in northeast Minneapolis

            I'm from northeast Minneapolis - and a recent article featured on Star Tribune gave a beer and restaurant guide in Northeast.

            If you want top tier - I would say Foureyes got it right. Especially Bellanotte - don't go unless you want an empty wallet and an unsatisfied stomach.

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            1. re: MNLawGirl

              MNLawGirl, since you mention El Meson -- did you know their new place Eno Cafe is now open? It's on 46th a little ways west of 35W (not quite to Rustica at Bryant Ave). The only input I've heard so far was pretty favorable on Jeremy Iggers' blog. I like El Meson so I've been eager for this place to open for months.

              1. re: MSPD

                Oh, very, very exciting as we live about a mile from there and love El Meson.