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May 17, 2007 07:38 AM

Storing home made ice cream

What kind of container do you use? I've been using Tupperware but don't think it's optimal. Thanks!

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  1. It may not be "optimal" but I have not found anything better. I tried glass with a neat looking silicone top, but the weight and slipperiness of glass make it a no go for my freeze. Metal with a plastic lid is no good, the cold transfer out of the metal into my hands too fast and you literally get cramped up trying to scoop.

    Real Tupperware seems to have lids that are the least likely to "crack in the cold" and with a friendly Tupperware rep they'll get you a few free replacement tops for when there is a problem

    1. I find that plastic take-home containers from Whole Foods (or most grocery stores) work well as do yogurt containers. Some "real" Tupperware leaves too much space between the top of the ice cream and the bottom of the lid which I think compromises freshness unless you're going to eat it right away. Plus you can reduce, re-use, recycle...

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        I just started making home made ice cream and stored my first batch in Ziploc use and toss tuperware. The plastic cracked open when I scooped! I will give the whole foods containers a try.

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          I shove some plastic wrap over the top the ice cream if I think I won't eat it all in a day or two.

          The take home containers seem to be the most prone to "cold cracking". I prefer soft packs/ziploc bags to the those -- less material to begin with = less impact on resources.

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            These are great tips, Thanks! I just made my first batch of homemade ice cream last weekend and stored in in a tuperware container and it's already all icey. Will give the Whole Foods suggestion a try. Aren't they made from recycled materials too?

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              Good question. I'm not sure. But I am also going to try the plastic wrap suggestion if I have a partially full container. So glad it's ice cream season again!

        2. I store mine in Cuisipro metallic canisters with airtight lid - very comfortable and very pretty. A specialty kitchen store owner suggested them for me. When I take ice cream from freezer, I let the canister sit at room temperature for 10 min and after that the ice cream has perfect consistency for scooping it out. If the canister is very full, I use a small tea towel around the jar to protect my fingers from contact with the metal.

          1. Recently ran into the same dilemma. We used to go to ice cream stores and get their containers. Some stores would give them to us for free, others would charge a nominal amount. Baskin-Robbins has some nice reusable plastic containers.

            However, we went to Smart and Final and bought some small 16oz paper "deli" containers. They're perfect for storing ice cream. If you're inclined, you can also purchase some plastic ones for about the same price.

            1. I find it doesn't last all that long but a piece of saran pressed directly onto the ice cream and another piece on top of the container as you are putting on the lid helps quite a bit. I use tupperware as well.