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10th Anniversary Dinner

I know this is short notice but looking for a spot for our anniversary dinner. We leave in Medford area and our looking for something reasonably close (No downtown Boston). We want to stay away from any chain resturants and would like something with atmosphere. Budget is probaly under $250.

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  1. We recently had dinner at a place we never heard of before on Mystic Ave in Medford...Razo's (I think that's how it's spelled). Italian cuisine total for 4 with 2 bottles of wine in the $130 range. We were pleasantly surprised by the service (got skunky wine, sent it back without a hassle and got a fresh bottle), food (spicy ravioli was great), and atmosphere. Not my #1 Italian joint in and around Boston but worth it and should come close to what you may be looking for.

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    1. You don't say when you want to have this dinner, but there's Gargoyles in Davis Square; EVOO just outside of Union Square, or if you want to go a bit north, what about KroMel's in Stoneham Square?

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          Can't hurt to try calling any of those, if you're pretty loose on what time for your seating. I'd say EVOO might fill up faster than Gargoyles; KroMel's is small, and I do know they get busy on Fri/Sat.

          Updated Rialto might be another choice.

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            This is a big college graduation weekend (on the Boston side of the river) so you need to plan ahead for reservations.

        2. I am open to any place north of Boston. Liked that suggestion about Kromel's in Stoneham.

          Thanks for all the suggestions.

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            RichardA has also had several reviews on Savory Taste Cafe in Reading Center that always sound so excellent!



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              Savory Tastes has great food, but not much atmosphere. It's a basic storefront operation that (understandably) tries to cram in as many tables as it can. I'm a small person who last went with 3 other small people, and we all felt cramped at our 4-top.

          2. What's that place up in Winchester that gets great props all the time? Catch?

            1. You might also try Salts in Cambridge, though it may be too late. I don't recommend the duck for two, but everything else I've had there has been wonderful.

              1. How about Bistro 5 in Medford? I've heard good things.

                1. Artichoke in Malden? Not much privacy, but nice food!

                  1. Although it may be too late, 10 tables in JP is a bit out of the way for the graduation crowd, and would be a nice consonance with your anniversary along with fantastic food and great atmosphere. Congratulations, by the way.

                    1. Thanks for everyone's GREAT suggestions. I made reservations at KroMel for tonight. I'll write up my review afterwards. I wish they had a website with their menu, but I couldn't find one on the web. Thanks again.

                      1. The food at KroMel was incredible and the atmosphere was perfect for the occasion. With started off with the Cocunut shrimp. My husband had the Hanger steak with the peppercorn sauce and sweet mashed potatoes. I had a Pork loin with the apple sauce and mashed potatoes. It was so good!! I do understand what other posters ment by feeling that there where multiple people waiting on them as the hostess and the waitress both interacted with us. But I loved the attention. Best of all was when the dessert plates came out (Lava chocolate cake & Brownie cheese cake) they wrote on the edges of the plate "Happy Anniversary" in melted chocolate it was such a nice touch. We where surprised as we only mentioned our anniversary as the waitress asked us we whered headed over to the theater for the show. They also took a round of drinks off our tab. Classy place... thanks for the suggestion.