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May 17, 2007 06:58 AM

Saturday night dinner in Banff

I've looked through a few past threads, but wasn't able to get a recommendation for exactly what I need ... does anyone have a recommendation for a restaurant in Banff that: (1) is a good date restaurant for this Saturday night; (2) is not a chain restaurant (i.e. not Saltlik); (3) has dishes with creatively prepared local ingredients.

I've already been to Fuze and Typhoon, and I'd like to try something new. Just for guidance, the places that I like to eat in Calgary are Brava Bistro, Mercato, Tribune, River ... etc.

There also seem to be lots of recommendations to visiti Quarry and Communitea in Canmore. Does anyone know if these places also serve things for lunch on a Sunday?

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  1. i really enjoyed bison mountain bistro

    the best salad dressing ever!! the owner even sent me the recipe (i haven't tried it yet, still missing a couple ingredients) - we were there for lunch so i can't comment on dinner but it was very enjoyable, a nice mix of flavours - i had a bison burger with salad and it was really delicious - my boyfriend had a flatbread and the soup, i had a taste of those too and they were also very tasty. it's a nice room and they have a nice little patio if it's a nice evening.

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      I was going to suggest bison mountain bistro too! Fits all of your criteria. We had a great time, just make reservations NOW.

    2. you know, you may also want to check out storm mountain lodge - i haven't eaten there but it comes with glowing recommendations.

      1. Why dont you go to the Fairmont Hotel in Banff...they have a great restaurant and buffet on the weekends.

        1. Eden at the Rimrock (if you can still get a reservation for this Sat PM), had a great tasting menu there once, liked it much more than Fuze, plus great views/ambience

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            Banff has some really great restaurants and a lot of not-so-great ones. My favorites are: Eden (delicious, though extremely pricy), Coyotes, Bison, Grizzly House (really cheezy, but if you're not a vegetarian, reaaaally good!), Cafe Soleil, Muk-a-Muk (with the warning that I've only been there for apres ski appies, not dinner, so can't comment on that.), and Buffalo Mountain Lodge (can be hit or miss though).

            Stay away from: Fuze (was not impressed), anything at the Banff Springs Hotel, Georgios, Typhoon, Melissa's (awful!).

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              That is too bad about FUZE. I have only been there the one time and had a delcious meal and would not hesitate to go back but are more often in Jasper than Banff.

              On the other hand my brother opted for fondue at the Grizzly House and he could not have been more disappointed.

              I guess you never known especially when it comes to restaurants in resorts.

          2. After you're done eating, you can go to the hot springs, or go to the Rimrock Hotel and have some drinks (and food) in the gorgeous lobby. They have service there I think all night (I've been there until 1 in the morning). It's absolutely romantic.

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              I live in Canmore & have been to a lot of places mentioned above. My choice would be Cafe Soleil.