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May 17, 2007 06:49 AM

atmospheric patio dining in french quarter/marigny for lunch?

i am looking for an atmospheric lunch/afternoon drinking place with a patio, like Napolean House, but I wanted to try something new... any recommendations?

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  1. Cafe Amelie has one of the nicest courtyards in the Quarter. They are in the 900 block of Royal, across from the Cornstalk Fence Hotel. Check to be sure they're open at the time/day you want to go.

    1. Maison deVille has a lovely courtyard. It's less than one block off Bourbon and is part of a hotel. If you stay into the early evening, you could have dinner there, too.
      The Marigny Brasserie doesn't have a courtyard, but is good with a nice wine list.
      A different atmosphere is the restaurant at the top of the Marriott on Canal. The waiters don't mind if you sit and drink there. You can see most of New Orleans from their vantage point.

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        When did Maison de Ville open? I thought they were closed indefinitely, maybe for good.

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          Yes, as a ex denizen of New Orleans who really loved that restaurant when I was there, is Maison de Ville open?

          1. re: bronwen

            It reopens this week. Thursday, I think. The Picayune had a note about it last Friday.

      2. Feelings comes to mind...but I haven't been there in years....used to absolutely LOVE the place though.