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May 17, 2007 06:49 AM

Ordering coffee for shipment in London

I'm looking to have some coffee beans delivered to a relative in London and am looking for suggestions. I've ordered coffee from HR Higgins before, but would like to try someplace new. Does anyone have any recommendations? They would need to have a web site where I can order (I'm in the U.S.). Thanks!

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    the best in london. and one of the few things london does much better than new york.

    1. I'm still very loyal to the Algerian Coffee Stores on Compton St. Monmouth has good coffee but the Algerian is much less "flavour of the month", with a very good and broad range of coffees (inc some fantastic Arabic blends). Been around since before the war I think. Their Expresso blend (Torino) is the best I've come across - including Bar Italia's, when properly made. They also have a really excellent selection of teas... Web site is Agree that London does coffee much better than NYC...