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May 17, 2007 06:43 AM


Ok I know I am going to get a ton of flack for this, but hey!

Last night I went for dinner to the much hyped KI. Needless to say I was sooo excited after hearing all the great things people had to say about it, that I could barley contain my excitement while walking through the rain storm... I mean a great reward was upon me... Or so I thought...

The lights, can I just say the lights should be turned up! Even if it's just a smidge. I understand the "effect" they are going for, but I mean really, WTF?

Not sooner did I get in the door, dripping wet, then three rather tall burley "execs" basically pushed me out of their way to have a rather heated conversation with the host about having a reservation and why weren't they in the book.. blah, blah, blah. Anyway after that was sorted out, it was my turn. I was in a party of two and I was the first to arrive. They took my bag and coat and checked it and then proceeded to rather quickly run me to my table, all the while I was hoping to god I wouldn't trip on what ever steps I couldn't see.
The table, my table, was in the VERY back of the restaurant! A room, where I was all by myself, and could only hear the fait echo of music playing. I waited and waited for someone to come and ask me if everything was ok or did I want a drink. No one came. I had to wonder out of the cave I was in to find someone to seat me in a more populous area. I will give them this, when I did find someone, they were more then happy to switch my seat, and said... "We always sit parties of two in a private area"... Ok, I would have preferred to have been asked what kind of "area" I would like to sit in before the decision is made for me. Anyway I had my ideal spot, the waitress came around with a glass of wine, and I wait for my guest to arrive. He shows up...about an hour late. Normally I would have passed the time reading or people watching, but I couldn't do that, because I couldn't see.

The Food... Mediocre at BEST! I mean what is the big huge deal about this place's food???? The menu, on paper, reads like a love affair between Japanese sushi and fusion cuisine. On the plate however, quite frankly, it fell flat.

We had the Lobster Tempura Roll - I have had better at Sushi Inn
5 spice Edamame - Nothing more then undercooked soy beans with a bunch of chilli powder on them... Oh and no salt... Who eats Edamame without salt???
Kiwi Tuna roll - Nothing more then a tuna roll with some more then over-ripe Kiwi on top.
Spicy Tuna - Where's the spice? Again better at Sushi Inn
Strip loin Tataki - Boring! And where was the Ponzu sauce? Oh ya there was none... Eating raw beef with the right combinations is one thing... Eating raw beef on it's own, entirely different.
Butter and Fluke fish - Ok not bad, but not great... VERY fishy.

We also had something else that I can't remember the name of, but we had to send that back... It was terrible!

So I ask this... When you can get great Sushi at so many places now (Blowfish), why over-pay for not that great of a meal? I can see this place as being the hang-out for social occasions like client lunches and Thursday night drinks... But for food?? Why does everyone rave about the food?

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  1. Thanks for such a detailed review. I guess it sort of confirms what I've always heard about this place, and why I've never been. Honestly I've never heard anyone rave about the food. As for fishy butterfish, that's disturbing -- fish should never smell or taste "fishy".

    I suspect the success of Ki is more about location and style-over-substance for people who wish to impress clients. It's a place to "be seen" by a certain crowd. You're over-paying for mediocre sushi because you're paying for the restaurant's (probably astronomical) Bay St. rent. Quality of food is likely not at the top of the list of priorities for this place.

    1. I haven't heard anyone rave about this place personally. It is adequate if you are there with friends after work for drinks and you need a little edamame or kiwi tuna to tie you over with your drinks til your real meal.

      1. I agree with the review...have eaten there a few times (dragged by friends who like the scene)..over priced and non-exciting food (and drinks! my last visit one beer and one vodka martini cost 23.00 and I almost had to beg the bartender to serve it to me)..not my idea of a good time..

        1. I have not known anyone rave about the food there, but the opposite. I was there on their grand opening day which they provided 4 courses dinner for free and a couple of time with company which again is free ...

          1. As everyone else has said, I'm not sure who is raving about Ki. Certainly none of the posts I've read on this board have been positive about the food there.

            Glad you now belong to the "overpriced, overhyped" opinion.