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May 17, 2007 06:32 AM

Best sub/sandwich shops

Travelling from Frederick, MD on rte. 15 , to I-83 Harrisburg, PA, then I-81 to NY State line,
can anyone recommend the best sub/sandwich shops enroute?..thanks!

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  1. Try this:

    Sandwich Man, downtown Harrisburg. Take Capitol/2nd Street exit and proceed north into towntown. Sandwich Man is on right, 111 Second St., in the block that begins with Commerce Bank. 717-236-7171. No ambience, but great hoagies. They have tables.

    1. Best hoagie in Central PA is at the Jackson House, 1004 N 6th St., Harrisburg. Best to Mapquest this.) HOWEVER, it's only open 10A to 2P, M-F.

      Gets most ingredients out of Philly and is a fanatic about freshness. His day-old hoagie rolls (Philly) he sells for $1/bag of 4.

      Awesome sandwiches and salads....