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May 17, 2007 05:45 AM

Sushi in Murray Hill - Recs

I have been to Mishima and Iron Sushi but have not been very impressed with either. Any recs for quality, creative and cooked dishes?

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  1. for rolls, i usually go to tony's on 2nd ave btw 38th and 39th. nothing mind blowing but we've generally been happy for a weeknight sushi dinner out.

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    1. re: magfitz

      Hane Sushi on 3rd Avenue and 38th street is terrific.
      Not the quality of Yasuda or Gari, but the best I've had in a 15 block radius!

    2. You should definitely try Sushi Sennin on E. 33 St. between Park and Madison. They have very high quality fish.

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          No they're not (I passed by the restaurant last night). You're probably thinking about their former location on E. 34 St.

      1. I'd recomend in this order:
        - Aquamarine - they also have a great bar if you want to just go in casually grab a few drinks and pick on something. I live on 46th now, but when I lived on 63rd, I went its sister resturants, Aja and Geisha a lot
        - Sushi Senin
        - Tony's

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        1. re: rdflig

          Decided on Aquamarine because we were looking for a spot to have a few drinks at as well.
          We were very happy with the atmosphere at the bar and all the dishes we ordered were very enjoyable. Not a transcendent experience but more that we expected.