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May 17, 2007 05:18 AM

Huron County food?

I will be spending my summer in Blyth (near Goderich) and am hoping some of you can help me with some great food finds in the area. Any recommendations for restaurants, take-out, u-pick farms, farm stands, farmer's markets would be great. I will have all summer to check these places out, so I don't mind short day trips if you think the food is worth it. I will also have my 2 young children with me, so family friendly is also key.
Thanks for the help!

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  1. Good fish and chips at the Goderich lakeshore docks. You go down a hill road at the town's north end, near the old gaol, which is also a must do. On the countryside roads there will be unattended farm stands, you leave your money in a jar! London has a great farmers' market, with a website you can Google. Arva Flour Mills is great, to show the kids a working water powered mill.

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        Sadly, Captain Jack's - the fish & chips place jayt was referring to is now gone.
        Well, there is so much to do around this area. Bayfield had a great fishmarket where wild huron fish are available. Also the Little Inn in Bayfield has lots of local & well made food.
        The goderich farmer's market happens on saturdays starting may 24. There is montefort dairy in the area as well with some nice cheeses.
        Meeting-Place Organic Farm is not far from blythe & is a diverse & beautiful farm with organic meats & veggies, apple butter, maple syrup etc. for sale. They have horse-drawn wagon rides and fun events as well.
        In kinkardine there is The Brasserie, as well as Victoria Park Restaurant (opening June 1st by me) In southampton there is Grovenor's - A nice restaurant.
        Port Albert has one of the coolest beaches for kids.

        Check out this website.

        Hope that helps