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Looking for British food in the OC

Hello there:

I'm looking for a restaurant that serves British food (from England) in the OC. I want to stay away from these that are actually bars/pubs serving food.

Thank you!

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  1. www.chowhound.com/topics/77170

    The Olde Ship is a restaurant that serves beer (as opposed to a pub that serves food).

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      Yes, good ole British food here. As I recall, their Scottish Bridie was very good.

    2. Olde Ship is pretty good, there's also a Five Crowns in Newport Beach but I've never been.

      1. Summit House in Fullerton fashions itself after an English Inn. Very good dining experience.


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            They've also got a restaurant in Santa Ana. See the website for info: http://www.theoldeship.com/

            I went there a few months ago with my family. We thought it was pretty good, but kind of expensive for what it was. The inside looks very nice, which is a bit of a shock since the outside is very plain and in a really plain, almost industrial area.

          2. Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar is has an authentic red British phone booth in front. Most entrees include a side of Yorkshire Pudding. The restaurant also has English Trifle on its dessert menu. I've been about a half-dozen times in the past couple of years and stick to the steak or prime rib dishes. See www.lawrysonline.com.

            Another place to try is Gulliver's across the street from the John Wayne Airport in Irvine. Gulliver's has basically the same menu as Five Crowns, although not as expensive, and the atmosphere is a bit less formal. Check out www.gulliversrestaurant.com.

            1. The Shamrock in Newport does Brit and Irish food AND every one in the place is pasty white (you know a good British place when everyone in there is tan adverse).

              The Shamrock is on PCH down by the Balboa Bay Club, McDonalds and just past restaurant row on the water side.

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                there's a new place called "the copper kettle" just opened on Baker St in Costa Mesa. being from newcastle in england i was curious to see what it was all about so popped in the other day to have a chinwag with the owners. they seem to serve tea and sandwiches/scones (with devonshire cream), sell british chocolate etc. very chintzy, looks like a replica of a UK frontroom circa 1946.

                mr holmes

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                  Chinwag! You certainly aren't faking your pedigree. Good on you, lad. I'll give it a whirl.

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                    I just found this place today (and their website - www.englishtearooms.com)! I went past on the way home (I work about two minutes away), but they're closed on Mondays (and Sundays). I'm going to try again tomorrow.

                    Any idea if they carry Jelly Babies? I was just watching Doctor Who yesterday (part 2 of the season 3 3-part finale), and a certain character (don't want to spoil it for fans who aren't up to date) was having some. I've mail-ordered them and gotten them at The Continental Shop in Santa Monica, but it would be fantastic to be able to get stuff like that just around the corner.

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                      Hi all.

                      I couple of updates. First, The Copper Kettle closed a while back. Second, I found out that Cost Plus World Markets now carries lots of international food goodies, including many British ones, and, of particular interest to me, Bassett's Jelly Babies!!!

                2. Agreed. Olde Ship is good grub in causal setting. Five Crowns for bar wenches and prime rib (most folks i know only go for holidays and special occassions). Summit House has been a long time, but seemed okay.