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May 17, 2007 02:20 AM

Cameron Hughes wine

anyone have experience with CHW? i just ordered a couple of bottles, curious if anyone has tried it and liked his lots so far.

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  1. You can ask him yourself on "another network." He is a participant on Mark Squires' BB. Everything I've heard is that the wines are very good, but I cannot speak from personal experience.

    1. I've had the Edna Valley chardonnay and it tasted "hot" i.e. high alcohol and although I like unoaked chards, the balance was off and there was a lingering bitternes/iron taste.

      Also, have a few bottles of one of the cabernets (sorry, I don't recall which one). Shows promise, but it's way too young now to enjoy and needs some cellar time to mellow.

      1. I've been told that he bottles juice from 'better' wineries under his own label, but I haven't heard any specifics or if it results in especially great values. I've been told that his wines are sold at Costco and sell out quickly, but I must miss them 'cause I've never noticed any. That whole 'juice from better wineries' thing can be difficult to figure out because the 'better wineries' aren't about to let anyone know if it's true. Seems like the consumer must take this on faith. Any comments?

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        1. re: Midlife

          It's solely based on "faith" and so far I haven't been wowed by anything I've tased. But, for the price point, it seems to be a decent value.

          His marketing angle is nothing new; Trader Joe's has been doing the same thing for a while. Being an optimist/romantic, I want to believe that he does in fact source high quality grapes from skilled producers, but he's also a business man and bottom line is generating revenue from a surplus of grapes.

          As a side note, I've also had wines (cabernet) from Waterstone which follows the same concept and those are delicious.

          1. re: Midlife

            I've had good luck with CH stuff. We haven't been as impressed with the Chardonnays as we have been with the various reds he's put out in the last year and a bit. As noted here, most of them are simply too young right now but do show promise. At $12 or so a bottle, they're a good value and I have high hopes for how well they'll age. Its definitely worth getting a few and cracking into a couple to see if you think you like where they're likely headed.

          2. curious, what triggered your placement of an order?

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            1. re: ibstatguy

              someone suggested it to me and i found a 50% off shipping code. Doesn't hurt to try it, if its even half as good as the owner suggests it to be i figured it'd be worth the money.

              1. re: clayfu

                well make sure you report back after you try some!

            2. Loved their Syrah which I purchased at Costco. Went back for some more, but was sold out. Their website will announce future distributions and in what areas, (Nocal, Socal, etc)