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Guacamole flavored tortilla chips?

Has anyone tried those? I think the brand I've seen was El Sabroso. I almost bought some, but I was just too skeered to do it.

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  1. I'm not sure that's the brand that I had, but I loved the guac-flavored chips I had.

    1. I love guac flavored chips! Sometimes I'm just too lazy to actually make guacamole, so they'll fill my need. Doritos makes (or made?) a version that wasn't as good as the others I've tried... I'm sure El Sabroso would be good. Definitely give them a try!

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        The doritos ones are the only ones I've tried. They had more of a cilantro flavour than anything else. I thought they were okay, for Doritos (I'm not a fan).

      2. I wouldnt waste my time on them, just make your own guacamole.

        I would be concerned with how many chemicals, preservatives, and other junk would be used in making them taste like "guacamole"

        1. I've tried 3 different brands and haven't liked any of them.

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            I don't like any flavored chips, tortilla, potato, or other.

            I would rather have the plain chips and if I want a dip, I'll make it, or buy it separately. I've found that flavored chips have artificially harsh flavors and too much salt.

          2. Doritos makes some - and I was utterly unable to detect any guacamole flavor.

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              Likewise, for all the brands I've tried, tortilla _and_ potato. They taste fine, but nothing like guacamole at all. I'd say you're good to have skipped them.

            2. i like these chips. the el sabroso brand. however i never crave them.
              the chip itself is alot like the doritos chip.

              1. They don't taste like actual guacamole, any more than regular Doritos taste like cheese. I've tried at least two different brands and none have been good.

                  1. What may be heralded as another triumph for food chemists, I wouldn't use for fertilizer.

                    1. Chemicals or not, they are pretty tasty!

                      1. Trader Joes sells some and while they are tasty, they just don't remind me of guac.

                        I think there's a earthy fatty mouth feel to real guac that doesn't come across in seasoning.

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                          I agree - TJ's guac chips were very disappointing in flavor. However, the mole-flavored tortilla chips are not bad at all - sort of a BBQ corn chip.