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May 17, 2007 02:09 AM

Guacamole flavored tortilla chips?

Has anyone tried those? I think the brand I've seen was El Sabroso. I almost bought some, but I was just too skeered to do it.

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  1. I'm not sure that's the brand that I had, but I loved the guac-flavored chips I had.

    1. I love guac flavored chips! Sometimes I'm just too lazy to actually make guacamole, so they'll fill my need. Doritos makes (or made?) a version that wasn't as good as the others I've tried... I'm sure El Sabroso would be good. Definitely give them a try!

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      1. re: pamalamb

        The doritos ones are the only ones I've tried. They had more of a cilantro flavour than anything else. I thought they were okay, for Doritos (I'm not a fan).

      2. I wouldnt waste my time on them, just make your own guacamole.

        I would be concerned with how many chemicals, preservatives, and other junk would be used in making them taste like "guacamole"

        1. I've tried 3 different brands and haven't liked any of them.

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          1. re: marmite

            I don't like any flavored chips, tortilla, potato, or other.

            I would rather have the plain chips and if I want a dip, I'll make it, or buy it separately. I've found that flavored chips have artificially harsh flavors and too much salt.

          2. Doritos makes some - and I was utterly unable to detect any guacamole flavor.

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            1. re: wayne keyser

              Likewise, for all the brands I've tried, tortilla _and_ potato. They taste fine, but nothing like guacamole at all. I'd say you're good to have skipped them.