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Bars that serve Chimay Gold

I see Red and Blue label Chimay at a lot of bars these days. Who's got the Grande Reserve chilled and waiting for me? Hollywood-area or Westwood-area would be a huge plus. I know 3rd Stop carries Chimay White (Cinq Cent) but I'm looking for the Gold label stuff.

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  1. What is that? Tequilla, Wine???

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    1. The Old Town Pub (Pasadena) and Lucky Baldwins as local beer/ale palaces came to mind; Crown City Brewery only shows red label... true, not the westside, but here's more... maybe the The Bowery?

      scroll down to the comments/responses to his main post for a number of possibilities

      1. The gold is only bottled, right? Have you checked out The Daily Pint? Great bar, I think they only have one type of Chimay on tap (white, IIRC), but I am told they have a massive selection of bottled beer. Even if they don't have Chimay gold, it's worth a trip anyway.

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          I was gonna suggest The Pint. Not sure if they have it, but they are a place that should and would.

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            The Pint is my favorite dive-y bar in LA. Great selection of beers.

        2. The Other Room in Venice usually has it.

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              third. dog friendly, too.

              no food, but abbot's pizza isn't too far..

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                You can have food delivered from anywhere on Abbot Kinney. The Other Room even employs a "runner" of sorts, who will pick you up a couple of slices of pizza from Abbot's, a sandwich from Stroh's or a few tacos/nachos/quesadillas from Tortilla Grill. I never use the service since I usually go there after I've eaten but it's extremely handy.

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                  The Other Room on Abbot Kinney - they even serve it in a cool glass with the name on it. WORD OF CAUTION: THE BAR IS SUPER LOUD. After you have a glass, head west down two blocks to Lilly's (I think that's the name) for a nice mellow restaurant. Or do in reverse. :)

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                    At the back end of the bar is an elevated lounge, much much quieter than the bar area. Weekends are super busy and it takes forever to get a drink at the bar, at least the lounge area has table service.

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                    Get OUT! That is a really, really smart policy...

                1. Hollingshead.

                  In Orange.

                  Tell Kenny "Hi"!

                  Once you are done with your Gold you can try another of the fifty or so Belgians he has around there.



                  1. The Blue label is the Grand Reserve. Chimay White (the original bottled version of Cinq Cent) has a slightly off-white label. Is this what you're referring to? Lucky Baldwin's will have it. The Beer hotel (Four Points Sheraton LAX) probably has it.

                    I'm not aware of any beer that is commonly known as Chimay Gold. Just Blue, rouge and witte. http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/215

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                      I've never had it, but when I was looking it up before:


                      Chimay Gold, Grande Reserve - This is a vintage bottling of Chimay Blue in a 75cl bottle

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                        I've had millenium vintage magnums of Grand Reserve and once in a bar in Belgium the vintage that was the 200th celebration of the founding of the abbey but these were one offs.

                        Maybe try beer trading or beg Sam @ Stuffed Sandwich that you're worthy. I can't think of anywhere els that might have either of those.

                    2. Check out Good Microbrew in Silverlake @ Sunset and Lucille. They have over 200 beers and I'm pretty sure I saw all three Chimay there.

                      1. try blair's and cafe stella, both in silverlake.