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May 16, 2007 09:42 PM

WC,Grand Central, and Central Park Zoo?

I am visiting the zoo on vacation-best place nearby to eat?
Also, I have to have a White Castle. What is the best one?( near midtown (near Grand Central st.) Lastly, best places to eat in to eat in Grand Central Station?


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  1. Alright, I may be reading you wrong, but are you seriously saying you're visiting NYC on vacation, and instead of all the amazing places to eat, you want to eat at White Castle? As in the fast food chain restaurant? If you want a good burger or something similar to fast food at least do Shake Shack.

    -Central Park zoo, there Central Park Boathouse actually has a pretty decent amount of food and a nice atmosphere so you can definitly eat there.

    -Grand Central, just go to the Oyster Bar, it's actually inside Grand Central and i've never heard any complaints.

    1. I'm also not sure why you want to eat at White Castle (which isn't native to NYC, but really much more of a midwestern thing), but the only one currently in Manhattan is on 8th Ave. & 25th St.

      Grand Central has a large food court on the lower level with a wide array of choices. The Oyster Bar is good too, especially if you sit at the counter and order oysters, stew, chowder, or pan fries, but it is a bit expensive.

      There really isn't anyplace near the CP Zoo to eat, as it's out in the Park and adjacent to a very upscale residential area. Except for the Boathouse (pretty, just OK food, somewhat expensive) and the nearby food stand (not good fast food stuff). Closest street with restaurants on it is Madison Ave. and it's the high rent district and pricy.

      1. There are actually at least two White Castles.

        37th & 8th and 125th & 7th. It's not gourmet cuisine or native ny food, but I totally get you on that one. I'm from california and when I moved here, I just had to try white castle at least once. Be warn, it destroys your body and u're going feel it within minutes. :)

        If the weather is nice, take a walk to Columbus Circle (the other side of the park on 59th) and get a sandwich from Bouchon Bakery and have lunch in the park.

        As for GC, there's really not much around here that's all that special. though there is a brother jimmy's in the food court.

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          If Suzz is a White Castle fan maybe the Boathouse and Oyster Bar will be too expensive. There are tons of diners over on Madison Avenue (one block from the park) - Gardenia is quite good.

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            I think the Bouchon bakery is a great idea. Although the sandwiches there will run you way more than an average sandwich shop, they are by Thomas Keller who runs Per Se which at is probably one of the top three most expensive and toughest reservations in the city. The food is great. The Bakery is on the 2nd or third floor of the time warners center, which is just west of the park. Get sandwiches there. Get sodas in the basement at Whole Foods and then go wander into the park and head towards the zoo on the east side.

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              I also like Viand on Madison - another coffee shop/diner - in the low 60s, I think, so might be quite close to the CP Zoo entrance. For something a little more up scale - great paninni (sp?) at Bottega del Vino - 59th between 5th and Madison. There is a dining room in the back, but in the front room you can have soup/sandwiches etc. Also a great place to get espresso/cappuccino.

          2. there's a small cafe in the zoo with sandwiches etc if you're really pressed for time, as others have mentioned you have to leave the park or go to the boathouse, either of which might be out of your way. There are some expensive cafes on madison a block to the east incl La Goulue (solid french bistro but pricey), and a Mitchel London take-out cafe on 65th.

            1. Thanks everyone. I was originally from NY (Queens) and have fond memories of WC. haven't been there for years (am on west coast)- just an old time urge! I am staying near Grand Central Station and will be there for 4 days- trying to get in the best deli, pizza, Chinese, etc... I can find!!