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May 16, 2007 09:00 PM

If I came to visit...

What would you show me??

Where would you take me??

What would you cook me??

If you came to visit me here in Melbourne, Australia, I'd take you to the Original Pie Shop for a good aussie meat pie (and you could try a crocodile pie, or an emu pie while you;re there).

I'd take you to my mum's for lamingtons and pav, and to our local fish n' chip shop for scallops.

I'd take you to a footy match and we'd drink real beer and watch real men gladiate (oh, the palpable testosterone!)

I'd cook you asian-fusion food and moussaka and curries and mussels gremolata

I'd show you chinatown and little vietnam and the slow food market and the Mornington peninsula and Warburton and The Great Ocean Road.

Ed to add: Vlado's.. I'd totally take you there. too!!!

What would you do for me??

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We'd have to travel a bit....

      In Virgnia, I'd take you to Monticello because its just remarkable both in terms of construction, history (good and bad) and wine and food. While we were in Charlottesville I'd take you to Spudnuts for sublime donuts, Bodos for bagels better than anywhere else (yes, including NYC and I'll meet up for a taste test to prove it), Wayside for true, old fashioned, delicious Southern Fried Chicken with hushpuppies and sweet tea.

      I'd cook you my enchiladas and my bolognese with duck and chicken and turkey and drink far too much red wine with it while eating piles of pasta.

      I'd have to take you to my Mom's to pick artichokes and tomatoes from the back yard in the evening for dinner and then to pick plums and peaches and nectarines in the morning for breakfast.

      Then up to San Francisco to go to Chinatown and walk and eat and walk and eat and walk....

      A baseball game, because there's no better sporting event at which to eat. A hot dog, a beer and, probably garlic fries. Plenty of testosterone, but probably quite a bit of it artificial...still enjoyable.

      You'd have to see the Palace of Fine Arts because its simply wonderful and the Golden Gate because its worth singing about.

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      1. re: ccbweb

        NOW you HAVE to tell me what a hushpuppy is!!

        1. re: purple goddess

          You por deprived thing! I cannot beleive you have never experienced the wonder of a hushpuppy! This is a pretty accurate description of the ones I am familiar with:

          They are an absolute necessity at fish fry's where I come from and were made in regular, cajun, and garlic versions by varying relatives and fishing friends. Not a health food by any means, but something I enjoy when I visit home and the fishin's good.

      2. I'd be doing most of the cooking here in Cali, Colombia, with some exceptions:

        1. Steaks cooked by an Argentinian using our 100% organic, fully range-fed beef at a rustic restaurant at the foot of the mountains;
        2. A few meals in the traditional markets in the city;
        3. Coffee at a friend's high-end specialty coffee shop;
        4. Greek food at the original "Los Turcos";

        My own kitchen is largely limited to Japanese, Thai/Lao, Mexican, Chinese, and French.

        We would travel to the coffee zone, stay at a beautiful place overlooking a Shangri-La of a valley and on another couple of days at a hotel built over hot springs at the foot of one of the glacial parks. With more time we would visit the historical city of Cartegena and then the Island of Providencia for diving.

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        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          I love how you said your kitchen is "limited" and then list several cuisines most people would not even brave to attempt. It certainly doesn't sound very limited to me, haha.

          My own kitchen is truly limited to things a person with no natural ability as a cook will not completely destroy by over/undercooking, seasoning improperly, and in general disgracing in every way =). Your kitchen abilities sound like a dream.

          1. re: ArikaDawn

            Thanks, AD. I've been fortunate in having had an extended family of cooks--both professional and home--and in having worked in lots of countries, and in the rural remote areas of those countries. I've enjoyed the food almost everywhere, but didn't end up incorporating quite a number in my own kitchen. You and BF should visit when pg and dh come traveling. We'd all have some jello-based lemon pie for laughs.

            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

              laugh all you want. ive had some surprisingly good lemon pies that i was surprised to find out were "jello based" - and no I don't have the recipies, sorry.

        2. What would you show me??

          Boston's North End (my home), which is the best Little Italy in America. Then perhaps to Gillette Stadium to see some REAL football players. The Old North Church ("one if by land, two if by sea..."). Back Bay's Newbury Street for shopping and people watching. Jamaica Plain for strolling. Pete's Pub for drinking. Southie for more drinking (hey, you're Australian, you can handle it, mate:) Then a night of local music clubs, to see bands like Mittens, Japetus, A Global Threat...

          Where would you take me??

          I'd take you to Fenway Park (the greatest baseball park in all the world) to watch the Red Sox smash the Yankees.

          Then for dinner, I'd take you to Clio and O Ya, and Uni, and Hamersley's, and Terramia, and Taranta, and, well, we'd eat a LOT.

          What would you cook me??

          Grilled quail in a raspberry/chilli glaze, rosemary-garlic lamb lollipops (baby chops), Wagyu beef burger, BBQ ribs.

          1. Howdy! I'd show you the Palo Duro canyon at all its purple majesty. We'd have to stay for the outdoor theater production, "Texas".

            I'd take you up the road aways to Hereford, Tx....beef capital of the world! You'd know when we were getting mistaking that aroma....the town has 1800 people and 5000 head of cattle.

            I'd also take you to our famous steak house, The Big Texan Steak Ranch....where, if you consume the entire 72 ou. steak and all the trimmings, your meal is free! See, you'd be a cheap date! (just kidding). We'd mosey on over there in the restaurant's pink Cadillac limo with the steer horns on the front...the one they take to pick up tourists at the hotels in town.

            I'd cook you up a Mexican supper....Enchiladas Verdes served with Frijoles Cocidos. For dessert, we'd have some Apple Empanadas and coffee with a little chocolate and cinnamon. Oh, and I wouldn't forget the Margaritas and the longnecks!

            Y'all come back now, heah?

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            1. re: cookingschool

              I am a cheap date at the best of times, but I might leave the 72oz steak to Mr Goddess...

              Yikes.. I'd most likely keel over from a heart attack after that!!