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May 16, 2007 08:48 PM

Looking for Preserved Walnuts in PDX

A dinner at Novak's Hungarian in Albany led to the question of where to find preserved walnuts in the Portland area. Any Russian or Eastern European markets have them?

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  1. They have these at all the Russian/Former Soviet/Eastern European grocers. (I always keep some in my fridge.) There are many around town. Here are some:

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      Thanks a lot for the info. I'll pass it on to the friend who wanted those walnuts. Have greatly enjoyed your posts here and your site as well. Btw, I have had the three cook books in your favorites for some time.. Legends of Texas Barbecue is a real gem. I've done a lot of the stuff in there for some catering I've done, and beyond that, it's a very interesting read.