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May 16, 2007 12:56 PM

Andy's Orchards, Morgan Hill (Split from Nature's Gift thread)

It's not in Gilroy, but a bit further north is Andy's Orchards in Morgan Hill. The 101 is a proper freeway at this point, so you must exit the freeway at Cochrane and turn east, then right on Mission View Drive, and then follow the signs. They place out several varieties of cherries, and then later in the year, many varieties of other stone fruits. Apologies if Andy's has been posted about before, but they're quite close to Gilroy and in my opinion, better. In fact, I have to get myself over there and see if the newest crop is ready to buy.

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  1. Thanks for the timely reminder about Andy's. Seems like every year I forget about 'em until the stone fruit season is over!

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      On the Cherry front, I stopped at Olson's on Saturday. They're in Sunnyvale on El Camino Real near Matilda. They had some Rainiers and Bings but said things would really be moving in a week or two.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        When the superb plums and fat sweet peaches start coming in later this summer, I'll try to remember to post here to remind you.

        My error is to put off going for whatever reason, thinking that the tables are still full of fruit, and then finding that I delayed a little too long and that my favorite variety is gone for the season! But I vow that this year those Brooks cherries won't elude me.

      2. Andy's Orchard is FANTASIC. I was just there this week! Cherry season. Blenheim Apricots and other stone fruits just around the corner. Last year I went to one of his fruit tastings. tried at least 30 different fruits. amazing ... here's a link
        btw - he's been in Gourmet Magazine, Sunset mag, SF chronicle.