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May 16, 2007 08:14 PM

Good Non-Chain Italian in Palm Beach County

I haven't been on here in a while so maybe somebody has covered this and can point me in the right direction. Looking for a good "Mom and Pop" style Italian restaurant. Thanks!

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  1. I only know south Palm Beach County, specifically Boca/Delray. For family-style, you can't go wrong w/ Matteo's in Boca. It's a big place that's great for families and allows you to choose a lot of dishes and try all different things. It's in the Royal Palm Shopping Plaza. In Delray I'd recommend Rocky's, right off of Atlantic Avenue. It's a small, old-fashioned neighborhood place. Both are great and would be my top choices, just depends what kind of place you're in the mood for

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      We had a great meal at Rocky's as well.

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        Thanks to all of you for your recs--I think either Matteo's or Rocky's would fit the bill!

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          Marcello's on Federal Hwy just south of the Palm Beach/Broward line is absolutely yummy!!

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            marcello's is la sirena it is located on dixie is only blocks away frommy work...marcello is the owner/chef...glad to see someone else loves it as much as me! oh and they have great wine dinners for charity every so often...that is a good time!

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            i come from a very large, PICKY, italian family and i can safely and most confidently say that the best place to eat italian in palm beach county is called La Sirena. they have a menu listed online. 561-585-3128 they are located just south of forest hill blvd on dixie hwy in a large white A-frame building. the atmoshpere is classic and the food really takes the stage!

          3. I recommend Renzo's...on Federal Highway just south (I think) of Jeffrey Street. It's a bit of an older crowd, but it's delish. The shrimp parm is great, if that's your speed.

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              Renzo's is great. There are several locations -- and don't make the same mistake I made when I first went. We ended up at the cafe, which serves primarily pizza and panini. The restaurant, which is just a few blocks away, has a more extensive menu.

              Now, mangia!

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                Renzo's (the restaurant as you described)is one of my favorite spots in the area. Another in Delray just south of Linden Blvd (left side of US 1 heading south) is Il Girisole. Mario's of Boca was very good as a free standing restaurant but has fallen off my list since moving into a Holiday Inn and not because of that but due to the decline in food and service.

              2. Although not exactly mom and pop, I would try Tramonte on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. Very good New York style Italian food.

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                  1. Central to north...Zucarelli's in the Albertson's plaza at the corner of Okeechobee and Military downtown, there is Malsori's for pizza on Clematis street...and further north, just off Northlake Boulevard is Pronti's....
                    Also, for expensive and delicious non-chain Italian...Paradiso on Lucerne Ave. in Lake Worth.

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                      Pronti's is a venerable old redsauce joint. So is Pasquale's in Jupiter, with the added bonus of a great deli on the side. Absolutely my favorite Italian sub anywhere. Stressa on Okeechobee Boulevard is a bit more upscale, but has very good northern Italian food. The Ambrosia on Dixie is/was a decent, cheap Italian place on Dixie Hwy in downtown WPB, but I'm not sure if it's still there. If you get up to Stuart, Mario's is an excellent old-school New York Italian joint on US 1 north of Monterey Road. I wonder if the granny in the black dress is still alive?

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                        Zucarelli's has opened a second location in the PGA Commons West on PGA Blvd. I have yet to try it though.

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                          Been there and sad to say it still has some growing pains. I'm a big fan of Zuccarelli's at Okeechobee and Military. Will be going there until the one on PGA grows up.