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May 16, 2007 07:51 PM

Chocolate Lava Cake

I've been looking for an easy recipe for chocolate lava cake - the kind that oozes with chocolate when you cut into it. Any ideas?

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  1. Here I go again without the link, but on Epicurious molten chocolate cakes with mint sauce...I've never made the mint sauce, too lazy and cakes are sooo easy and good on their own, serve with great vanilla or coffee icecream. If you cannot find it, I'll post the recipe.

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      Here's the link:

      Jfood has made the mint sauce and it is not as good as the cake itself. Found that the cake was great with a good vanilla ice cream.

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      1. It's actually pretty easy- first, make a ganache, and freeze it in a layer about 1/2 inch thick. When frozen, punch it out into little rounds.

        Then use any good brownie or cake recipe you like, pour a muffin tin half full, place a frozen ganache bit in the center, then fill the space with the brownie/cake batter. Bake according to the directions for muffins.

        1. Some time ago I posted a version I've perfected that's slightly lower in fat/calories but unnoticeably different from (ie just as good as) the original. Photo below. I can't find my post (too many lava cake posts to sift through the results), but I can look harder if anyone's interested. In the meantime, here is one of the search results with links to various recipes, including Alton Brown's recipe, and the "original" recipe from Jean-Georges Vsomething impossible to pronounce:

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            I would love to have your recipe. I am always looking for good dessert recipes that are lower in fat and cals. even if it is only slight. TIA.

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              I couldn't find the post on Chowhound, but below is my recipe from my files. By the way, I've also tried decreasing the butter, which resulted in a denser product that tastes more like chocolate than molten chocolate cake. Still yummy and even less calories but not the same. So in the end I used the original amt of butter, but used 2 eggs + 2 whites, and halved the sugar.

              Lighter Molten Chocolate Mini-Cakes
              Adapted from Jean-Georges Vongerichten's recipe.

              Makes 4 cakes (or 2 if making this for my greedy hubby)

              ½ cup unsalted butter, plus more to butter the molds
              4 ounces dark chocolate, roughly chopped (I use atleast 70% cacao)
              2 eggs
              2 egg whites
              2 tablespoons sugar
              2 teaspoons whole wheat flour
              Unsweetened cocoa powder, for dusting

              Preheat the oven to 450°F (415 when I used my convection toaster oven)

              Butter and lightly dust four 4-oz ramekins (or two 12 oz ramekins) with cocoa powder.

              Beat the eggs, egg whites, and sugar until light and thick. In a double boiler melt the butter and chocolate and beat until mixed; it should be quite warm. Remove from heat. Pour in the egg mixture, then quickly beat in the flour, just until combined.

              Divide the batter among the ramekins. (If preparing ahead, you can refrigerate these for a few hours but bring them back to room temperature before baking.)

              Bake ramekins for 6 to 7 minutes (9-10 minutes if using 12 oz ramekins), until sides have risen just above rim. The sides should look like a brownie but the the center should be quite soft and just barely set.

              Remove from oven and let sit for 10 seconds. Invert cake onto serving plate and serve immediately with your choice of accompaniments.

              1. re: Alice Patis

                Oh thanks so much! It looks sooo good!

          2. Have done the epicurious recipe, but my go-to is Nigella's molten chocolate baby-cakes. Incredibly rich (I'm always amazed that people manage to finish theirs off) and multiple repeat requests. Always serve with vanilla ice cream to cut a bit of the richness (and add extra calories):


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              I'm a big fan of those Nigella molten chocolate baby cakes as well - although I'd just as soon split one with someone, because they are super rich. They are extremely easy to make, and all about the good chocolate you put in them.

              I've made variations with cardamon (I didn't like it, but my friend did) and mint-choco, using peppermint oil. They are good, but the original is perfect as is.

              1. re: pitu

                I'm with you re. splitting. The first time I had one I was bouncing off the walls from the chocolate-sugar rush. Thinking next time I might experiment making smaller sizes -- maybe in muffin tins...

                Good point re quality chocolate -- I always use Sharffen-Berger -- the dessert is all about decadence so it doesn't make sense to mess around chocolate-wise.