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May 16, 2007 07:18 PM

Saturday lunch in Montreal

I just did a search for lunch in montreal but didn't find much on saturdays. I was actually hoping to go to Le cinquième péché but they are closed for lunch on saturdays. Does anyone have an idea for great food around 200$ for 2 max. preferably around the plateau area? (going to La Licorne afterwards.)


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  1. Leméac is open for lunch all weekend. I'm not sure exactly what time they make the full menu available, but a few weekends ago there were definitely people ordering from the regular menu while the brunch menu was still available.

    1. Not really close to La Licorne but I ate at Nonya last summer and remember thinking it was interesting that they had a table d'hote on Saturday. I have been meaning to try it again but have not been back and do not know if they are still doing it. They have a nice terrace in the summer and my one meal there was pretty good, pretty cheap and even somewhat authentic (I used to live in Singapore).