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May 16, 2007 06:52 PM

2 familes near avignon

We're staying near Isle ser la sorgue with close family friends (we'll be 8 in all including four teenagers). We'd like advice in restaurants where a large group could eat comfortably and well around avignon.

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  1. Scroll down to a FRANCE April 4 post "Special Trip to Paris & Provence" for some recommendations not far from where you will be. I posted tehre on Auberge de la Loube which I highly recommend, but you MUST reserve places in advance as mentined in my post. Read the rest of the recommendations there.

    1. Bistro du Paradou in the town of Paradou -- is only open for lunch, but what a lunch!

      In the town square of Avignon are lots of tasty little cafes, and La Fourchette, just behind the town hall, is large enough for your crew. as well, Hiely on rue de la Republique not far from the town gates is roomy and delicious!

      But Isle sur la Sorgue is very near the Fontaine des Vaucluse, where Petrarch wooed Laura! and you can enjoy a picnic with your group right at that spot! It's beautiful. Just pick up yummy foods from the market at ISS!

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        Have a look at La Fourchette in Avignon. It's quite affordable with very good food.

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          Fontaine de Vaucluse used to be a favorite spot for us, but it has turned into a cashbox for the town. Ten years agbo, we could park on the street and walk through the town, but now there are parking lots al the way into town, most charging 10 Euros (roughly $13.50!) and then you have to walk 1/2 mile to go to the town square. It that's OK with you, you will like the town.

          Bistro du Paradou is a favorite haunt of Charles Aznavour, who lives nearby. You might run into him there. There is also a very nice Musée des Santons on the west side of Paradou which is worth a visit. They have a beautiful display of santons in landscapes of all types, everything scaled to the size of the santons. These santons are not the little wood ones you find in many stores, but full-featured ones in various costumes and poses. It's worth a visit to see and learn about the really creative santons. Ask them to point out those made by Lise Berger and Marie-Noelle, the best santon makers in Provence.

          Paradou is very close to the Château des Baux de Provence which I also recommend you visit and tour for the views and vistas. There is a good restaurant at the entrance/exit (La Reine Jeanne, I believe) with dining on the terrasse. Food was good and price reasonable.