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May 16, 2007 06:25 PM

Eating in/near Old Montreal with a toddler

First, I beg your tolerance of a question you've probably answered many times before. As a resident of Miami, I'm used to answering the same tourist questions over and over. But after a quick look I didn't see this specific topic.

My wife and I and our 17 month old daughter are visiting Montreal next week. We are staying in Old Montreal and our friends have already made reservations at Au Pied du Cochon and L'Express. Our daughter is very well behaved, but she is 1 1/2. We are still interested in great food places that would have high-chairs for babies and patrons that wouldn't be put out by a quiet child. She also is an adventurous eater, so no pizza and chicken places please. We are mostly looking for French bistro/cafe places and other ethnic options. Any recommendations for awesome frites would be great.

Also, we are spending a couple nights each in Quebec City and Mont Tremblant, so any must eat places there are appreciated as well.


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  1. Lemeac might be an option - it definitely has high chairs, as does Au Pied du Cochon (not sure about L'Express for high chairs). In my experience, you can bring quiet, well-behaved kids to almost any restaurant in Montreal without it being a problem, especially if you're dining at an earlier hour, before places get too busy.

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      For future searchers, thought I'd post that we had a great time with our 3 year old and newborn at Lemeac last week. Seems like they're accustomed to small chowhounds (the waiters greeted a "regular" in her Fisher Price booster, and they had markers/coloring books at the ready) but I should clarify that they don't have high chairs -- only booster seats -- so babies are out of luck. Highly recommend the heated outdoor section, or the banquette/booths at the back of the resto.

    2. Holder in Old Montreal(on Mc Gill)-is a good bet with kids-we go frequently usually around 6:30 or 7 with our 3 year old daughter(who is great in restos)
      When you reserve ask for a table with a bench or banquette
      They do not have a kid menus-but a re very open minded about customising for the little chowhounds.
      I wll have to try Au Pied next weekend!

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        It hasn't come up so much lately but there are lots of old posts here that refer to dining out with little ones. The restaurants you have planned are excellent. You might enjoy going to La Banquise for some poutine (awesome frites covered in stuff) and Frit Alors on Rachel is super child friendly, crayons on every table, good service, nice Belgian fries. Jean-Talon market is fun with a toddler in tow and if the weather is nice you can pack a picnic for one of the parks.

        Mont-Tremblant is pretty challenging when it comes to finding good food so we like to stop in Val-David and eat at the Petit Poucet which is right next to Santa's Village, which is a little amusement park (opens early June though). Last time we were in Mont-Tremblant we picked up some picnic things there as well and went to eat in the Provincial Park nearby.

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          Petit Poucet is unfortunately closed due to a fire

      2. We have a four year old and have been dining out with her since forever. Our favourites for dining out with her are PDC (very loud--no one will hear your kiddo even if she is misbehavin'), Casa Tapas (we never see other kids there, but they are pretty friendly with ours), Holder in Old Montreal (fish & chips always a hit). We've never taken her to l'Express--though we like it, it doesn't seem too kid friendly--let us know if there are high chairs?

        Have fun!

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          For little kids, I find that the APDC tables are far too high for the chairs. My kids' faces were only inches above their plates.

        2. Hi,

          We have an infant and a toddler and we go to Tremblant often. In the pedestrian village we really like "La Savoie" for fondue. They are extremely kid-friendly (there is a 6 pm seating for those with kids) and have high chairs. Creperie Catherine (also in the pedestrian village) is also a good bet.