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May 16, 2007 06:09 PM

Chicagoan visiting D.C. - need rec's

We will be staying at the Grand Hyatt for a few days and need recommendations for lunch and dinner, preferably walking distance from the hotel, but public transportation is fine too. We love good food with great flavor, no seafood, and ethnic restaurants are acceptable. We are mid 30's, no kids, and again, the criteria is simply: good food.

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  1. You're within walking distance of many good places. Central (unbelievable upscale versions of American classics), Corduroy (extremely well-prepared modern American), Capital Grille (steak), Jaleo (tapas) and Zaytinya (Middle Eastern tapas) all come to mind.

    1. Your hotel is very close to two new places in town that are part of the trend of top chefs from big-time restaurants opening bistro-style establishments.
      Beck at 11th and K is the moderate price offering of the chef from Marcel's, maybe the top French restaurant in Washington currently. A French/Flemish menu that's getting good reviews but it's still in the shake-down phase so service can still be a bit spotty.
      Central at 10th and Penn is Michel Richard's bistro, serving some of the same foods as his 4-star Citronelle. A witty take on American food with a French accent.
      Tosca in the 1100 block of F has wonderful Northern Italian food. Maybe the best in the city. Beautiful service.

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        Love both Tosca and Brasserie Beck (only been to BB once; going again Monday). I'll also add Oya to the list. They have a $20 3 course prix fixe lunch on weekdays, and sushi happy hour (although I notice your "no seafood", I believe they have some vegetarian sushi).