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May 16, 2007 06:00 PM

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Where and why?

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  1. city bakery. i prefer chewy ones over crisp, and theirs are incredibly buttery, with huge chocolate chunks.

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    1. re: lilnugget

      I'm not a fan of those. I find them too buttery and rich. I prefer the homemade (tolehouse) tasting cookies. I have liked them at Joe's coffee as well as Paradise (take-out spot on 4th ave).

      1. re: lilnugget

        I also like City Bakery. I always thought that CB's cookies were more on the crisp side. I would say Levain is chewy. I love the buttery goodness. I also like Bouchon Bakery's cookies as well.

        1. re: lilnugget

          City Bakery's chocolate chip cookies have an unpleasant and overpowering baking soda (powder?) tang.

            1. re: lilnugget

              Agreed on City Bakery. They do somethig magical with the chocolate that makes it soft like ganache for days. Also, I hate hard cookies, and CB chocolate chip are perfectly chewy but with enough structure they don't feel doughy. Mmm!

            2. Milk & Cookies - crisp on the edges, slightly chewy in the middle (but not undercooked), huge chocolate chunks, and they have different varieties including the classic chocolate chip.

              1. Grey Dog's Coffee - gigantic, dense and decadent. Crisp on the outside, soft/chewy in the inside. Both the chocolate chip as well as the chocolate, fudgy cookie with peanut butter chips are great.

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                1. re: erin07nyc

                  I got one of these and it was awful. Just completely unappealing, with a baking soda aftertaste and not high-quality chocolate. In fact, while Grey Dog's is okay for coffee, I've stopped trying their food, which seems to be mediocre across the board.

                2. Levain Bakery, on 74th near Amsterdam. The cookies are absolutely huge (I've heard they weigh 6 oz. each), with amazingly soft centers that, while probably slightly underdone, are exactly how I like them. Many times the cookies are still warm from the oven. For my money, the chocolate peanut butter chip cookies are even better than the chocolate chip.

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                  1. re: slcorlis

                    A big 2nd for Levain. I may have to go get one right now...


                    1. re: slcorlis

                      A 3rd for Levain. I think their cookies are undersalted, though--which is why I think the dark chocolate peanut butter is best since it has the salt from the peanut butter.

                      Make sure you know what you're getting into, though -- those behemoths are SIX OUNCES!

                        1. re: slcorlis

                          I vote for Levain also. If you prefer crispy, go to Pain Quotidien.

                          1. re: slcorlis

                            Liked the ones warm out of the oven from Levain, but the one eaten later in the day seemed dry.

                            Definitely undersalted.

                            Not sure it was worth the wait in line....

                            (I did make the copycat recipe here at home, and they were fantastic...hmmm...)

                            1. re: jbsiegel

                              Never heard of or had a Levain chocolate chip cookie that was dry the next day. Most people remark how it seems the chips are still melted days later.

                              1. re: coasts

                                I wish mine had been like that. Just wasn't. It was good, don't get me wrong, just not GREAT.

                                1. re: coasts

                                  I've never had a cookie see the next day....! And I really just can't be trusted with more than one at a time.

                            2. Shockingly (I think their sandwiches are fine but not woo-woo), Pret a Manger has amazing choc chip cookies. Crisp, buttery, lots of chips, often still warm from the oven.

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                              1. re: scherbert

                                They are good, but if they sit in the warming oven for too long, they get too crispy for my taste.

                                1. re: scherbert

                                  I love the Pret a Manger cookies. BRGR has similarly good cookies.