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May 16, 2007 05:47 PM

Are Baking Strips ever defective?

I bought some baking strips about a month ago, the first two cakes I made came out perfect and ever since then I get cakes with the sides done first and a little bit of a hump in the middle, I have checked to make sure I'm not over beating, and also checked my measurements, could it be the baking strips not working or could it be something else? Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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  1. Number one: Are you putting the strips on the cake pan as directed?
    Number two: Are you soaking the strips in water before putting them on the pan?

    Yes, I know they're obvious. I'm just getting them out of the way first.

    The first thing I'm thinking is that your oven runs hot; the outside sets before the inside, leaving the inside to rise after the outside stops, causing the cake to dome. Go get an oven thermometer (I use the Taylor Classic Oven Guide Thermometer) and leave it in the oven.

    Another thing to do is make sure your cakes aren't packed in the oven. Make sure that the cakes are at least three inches away from the sides and each other. If you're baking cakes on separate racks, stagger them so they aren't right on top of each other, and switch their positions halfway through cooking.