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May 16, 2007 05:44 PM

Meilleur resto à Tadoussac

Je vais à Tadoussac pour la première fois ce week-end. Où devrais-je manger ?

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  1. Translation: "I'm going to Tadoussac for the first time this weekend. Where should I eat?"

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Il y a quesques années il n'yavait pas grand chose à manger à Tadoussac, mais depuis que les touristes ont découvert le village, il y a maintenant plusieurs options. J'espère que tu ne seras pas offensé si je continue en anglais... pour que les autres lecteurs puissent en profiter aussi:

      Avoid the most touristy spots (concentrated in the centre of the village), the marina, and most hotels.

      Café Bohème: right in the middle of town is a good bet. Located an old house next to Épicerie Côté. Lovely soup/sandwich/desert, and the only drinkable coffee in town. If its warm enough, you can sit outside and watch the world pass by.

      For a fancier night out: La Bolée - for a time they were doing crêpes bretonnes. I believe they are still on the menu, alongside other classic french dishes. Hotel Tadoussac has a big buffet most evenings, and a set menu on the terrasse. Fine big hotel room, but nothing special. Sneak a look at the lovely mural on the dining room walls though.

      I would skip the seafood buffet at the Café du Fjord (although its a good spot for a drink and live music). Best seafood in the region is actually not in Tadoussac, but in the next town - Les Escoumins. A lovely belgian couple has opened a resto and chocolaterie there. Fantastic moules-frites, lovely chocolate, definitely worth the 20 minutes on the road. Tell Else that the daughter of the anglo from Montreal who begged for good chocolate to bake with sent you... she'll know who it is.

      In Tadoussac proper, a nice spot for a beer and to gaze out at the bay is the tiny Le goéland, just across from the boardwalk.

      If you are preparing some of your own meals, the bakery downstairs from La Bolée has decent fresh bread (better than the grocery store), good croissants, tarte-au-sucre, and usually has pre-made sandwhiches and cookies for a picnic. For a beverage to enjoy with a picnic or other meals, Ida's a few blocks east of Épicerie Côté, has the SAQ licence and a broader selection than Côté's.

      Finally, if you need good frites, steamé & poutine, skip the roulottes in the village, and go to the one at the top of the hill on the highway towards Escoumins, just past Le Chantmartin (where you can eat ok but not special pizza). That was the truck operated by Claude Lapointe, who is something of a local celebrity. He sold his truck a year ago to retire, but tradition lives on with fantastic fries. In addition to several write ups about the quality of his fries in far-flug publications, Claude knew everybody's name: he used to call all the francophones "Tremblay" (he claimed he was right 80% of the time), and anglos "les anglais."

      1. re: Sam Ottawa

        Thank you for your precise posting. Very much appreciated.

        1. re: Sam Ottawa

          Hi Sam Ottawa! I agreed with your Tadoussac-eats assessment, so when my husband and I and a French friend were in the area last weekend, (after a 3-year absence) we had to give Le Reve Doux in Les Escoumins a try. It was terrific -- as were the almond croissants we took back to Tadoussac for breakfast. Thanks for the tip. It was just the place after a late afternoon zodiac whale-watch out of Les Escoumin. We watched the full moon rise over the river as we dined on the porch. I found the name of the resto after doing more surfing, but I don't think it appears on any of the signs - so people should just look for red and white signs that say resto and chocolat right on the main drag of town--#287, rte. 138. We gave them a print out of your post--so Else will know you sent us. Merci beaucoup.