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May 16, 2007 05:39 PM

Lunenburg w/kids

I'm heading to Lunenburg in June. We'll have four adults who like good food (especially seafood), two toddlers and an infant and are looking for some kid-friendly restaurant suggestions. We'll want to hit the range of casual (pubs, streetfood etc) to more upscale places. Any suggestions? We'll also have a car for day trips.

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  1. Hey Manray:

    Lunenburg isn't a large town — with just 2000 residents — though it swells to 2,500 once the summer homes are filled for the season. So you might not have as many choices are you'd like. But if you're willing to drive 20 or 25 minutes to find places to eat, you should be fine.

    My partner and I moved to Lunenburg one year ago, leaving Halifax for a chance to start over. In a nutshell, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, and Chester all have good restaurants.

    I can't speak to the friendliness for large parties that include wee ones, but generally speaking, I don't think you'll have a problem. I might also be inclined to call and book ahead for places like Fleur de Sel and Della Nonna, just to avoid disappointment. Although June isn't the height of tourism season, it's still busy in small towns along the coast.

    Anyway, without further delay, my recommendations:

    Lunenburg — Best Places
    1) Fleur de Sel
    2) Magnolia's Grill (walk-ins only)
    3) Trattoria della Nonna
    4) Salt Shaker Deli
    5) Black Forest Gashaus (Highway 3, just outside town)

    Lunenburg: Recommended, but with reservations:
    Knot Pub: Decent pub food, always busy (We're fans because it's one of the few places in town that doesn't close for winter, but it is just small town pub fare).

    I have also heard one or two people praise the Lunenburg Arms, though we've never been.

    Mahone Bay: Best Places
    Biscuit Eater Cafe: a cool little bookseller, with very good desserts, and solid soups and sandwiches. Occasionally disorganized and frantic.

    Mahone Bay: Recommended with reservations
    Inlet Cafe: The food is usually good, though butter is their favorite ingredient. It sometimes feels a little unfriendly.

    Chester Basin: Recommended with Reservations
    Seaside Shanty: wonderfully situated, and the food is usually good.

    Chester: Best Places
    Kiwi Cafe: Fun, friendly, sometimes exceedingly busy. Soup and sandwich kind of place. Food is usually tasty, though desserts are often just sweet. When we borrowed some kids for a weekend, they loved the Kiwi.

    Chester - Recommended, with reservations.
    Julien's: A great place for baked goods and sweets in the French style, we're less enthusiastic about their soups and sandwiches.

    Hope this helps!

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      Just returned from Lunenburg where we were getting our house by the water ready for the rental season-we recommend The Spanish Galleon to our guests with kids. I don't think either Fleur de Sel or Trattoria della Nonna are likely to be your (sippy) cup of tea at this stage, but book a sitter some night and Mom and Dad will enjoy either.

      1. re: Smartlikestreetcar

        Wow, what a thorough and thoughtful set of recommendations. Am heading out w fam next week -- renting a farm house in Petite Riviere -- and will definitely print this up to take with me. Thanks!!!

      2. I was in Lunenburg 3 years ago. We wound up due to crowds heading out of town towards the shopping town (south I'm fairly sure) but we didn't go that far. We had been sent to a place called Waves. Located in a strip mall, that didn't look too promising we had great food. Lobster pasta that was more lobster than pasta and whole bellied clams fried in such fresh oil. Definitely kid friendly. Not fancy but good chow. Is it still there, Smart likes?

        1. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. Cant wait!

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          1. re: manray

            I believe the town that "thinkstoomuch" was referring to is Bridgewater and, yes, it is a good bet for kid-friendly places including all the Usual Suspects (MacDs, Wendy's etc) and some unique local places. I am not familiar with Waves (my "kids" think that they know more than the sommelier at Fleur de Sel these days...sigh...) but you will have lots of choice. BTW, there is a VERY good bakery in Mahone Bay, Le Havers (sp?), that has goodies for all ages.

            1. re: LJS

              BTW, Manray, do us the favour of posting here on your results when you return so we can share in your finds-this Board on the forum is so under-used, I am always afraid we will be deleted!

              1. re: LJS

                One of the best places to have pizza in all of nova scotia is at Big Red's pizza in Lunenburg. Kid friendly, liscened and the best food around, you won't regret it! enjoy your trip

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                  Thanks, novascotia..., I have seen the sign but we had not tried it will do next trip...early September...can't wait!

                  1. re: novascotiaandto

                    Hmm. I've never heard anything good about Big Reds... Pizza in Lunenburg used to be a traumatic experience for me until recently. In my opinion, the places to buy pizza are the Saltshaker Deli (they do takeout) and Trattoria.

                    Mike's, J3 and Big Reds are on my no-no list.

                    I'd be very interested to hear what makes Big Reds chow-worthy, as I've not actually eaten at Big Reds (I have eaten both Mike's an J3 pizza) and it's a place whose food seems to be universally held in low regard. Yours are the first kind words I've heard about the place! "Best food around" is a pretty bold claim, though and makes me pretty skeptical.

                    Perhaps I'll have to go and try it and form my own opinion. If you go LJS, let us know what you think. I'd temper your expectations, though.