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May 16, 2007 05:28 PM

Carniceria on Smith St

Has anyone been to the new restuarant in porchetta's old space yet?

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  1. I tried it last night and thought things were pretty cohesive for only being open a couple nights. Simply grilled Grass-fed beef is featured but the dishes aren't strictly Argentinean. The cuisine is a little more nuevo Spanish (as opposed to Latino) with ingredients like piquillo peppers, cabrales, blood sausage--there's even a goat cheese foam.

    The owner mentioned trying to do something less expensive than Porchetta, but since I never ate at the past incarnation I can't say how prices actually compare. It seems like you could cobble together a tapas style meal or for full meat-centric entrees. For what it's worth, I managed to spend around $100 on two appetizers, two entrees and four drinks.

    More of my take on Carniceria:

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      I at there last Friday night for their soft opening. Overall I was pretty impressed and I think this will be a nice addition tot the neighborhood if they keep the quality up. Nice fresh ceviche of shrimp and lobster (although it could have used more of the advertised jalepeno). Grilled fresh chorizo and morcilla (blood sausage) which was very good. My wife loved her pulpo appetizer and her gnocchi with cabrales. My entree was a heart attack on a plate but it was good. Thin boneless pork chop fried like a schnitzel served over herbed french fries and topped with two runny eggs. Mmmmm but my cholesterol level will come down sometime next year. They were not serving dessrts yet but neither of us would have been able to handle it at that point. Portions were very generous and we were stuffed. No comments on the wine list because they were running through the leftover inventory from Porchetta and are switching over to all Argentinian wines. Looking forward to trying them in the future as there were a lot of interesting looking items on the menu.

      1. We had dinner tonight at Carniceria and it was not so great. We had the beet salad with goat cheese foam (what's up with this "foam" thing by the way? "Foam" is all over the menu at Crave also. I asked the waiter what goat cheese foam was and he had no idea.) This foam seemed more like whipped goat cheese--with the flavor whipped out of it. The beets were good though. We shared the special appetizer, which was fried anchovies (I was hoping for something similar to what we ate in Italy once--very lightly fried and so delicious) but these were awful. The batter was too thick and it tasted like a Mrs. Paul's fish stick. You couldn't taste the anchovies at all.

        My husband ordered the insalata mixto which would've been good except that they dumped about three cups of dressing on top of it. For the main course I had the skirt steak, which was overcooked and greasy, tasting more pan-fried than grilled. My husband had the short ribs, a fatty cut of meat, but there was more gristle and fat than meat on these. I had high hopes for the natural grass-fed beef, but honestly we couldn't tate the difference. We ordered the "mashed potatoes of the day" side dish--mashed potatoes which apparently had carrots in them, but we couldn't tell since you could barely taste them. It was way too bland.

        Overall, it was a disappointment. The decor is beautiful--they did a lovely job with a renovation, and service was good. The whole meal came to $110--I wish we'd gone into one of the Argentinian places in Manhattan instead!

        Oh well--maybe it will improve in the future. Though I don't think we'll be back to try it again.

        1. Had a really nice meal last night at Carniceria.

          We shared an empanada with oxtail to start with, which was great. the crust was very light and crisp...not heavy like they can be some times.

          For entreees, I had the sweetbreads and he had a massive pork chop. Really enjoyed the sweetbreads, very well prepared and extremely generous portion (as with the pork chop).

          I had a blood orange margarita and he the watermelon mojito. Oversized, festive drinks, heh...couldnt get through more than one. Pretty tasty.

          The service was so-so. Very nice waiter but they had similar pacing problems to Porchetta (long long time gap between the two courses).

          Sadly, someone walked off with my umbrella... :(

          But we'll definitely return, hope they keep cranking out tasty food like last night.

          1. Ate there this past Friday night with three friends. Everyone enjoyed their meals and said they'd eat there again. Started off with the traditional Emanadas, one of Mancheco and Swiss Chard, the other of ground beef. These were both delicious. As for the main courses, I had the rib-eye asado accompanied by a mixto salad. First off, let me say that some at the table found the vinagrette on the salad a bit overpowering, but I liked it. The greens lay on a bed of thinly sliced yellow tomatos and chickpea puree. The steak was pretty amazing. a Huge cut of rib-eye, cooked medium rare, though a touch more to the medium side, which was fine. Others at the table had the mammoth pork chop, the filet asado and the salmon with lobster mashed potatos.

            I found the service was fine. Perhaps a little vacant in terms of personality, but nice and attentive without being intrusive. The drinks were also delicious.

            Anyhow, based on our meal, a nice addition to the neighborhood.

            1. Noticed realtor signs in the window last week, but still menus in the window. Is this place closing already or is it just the building that is for sale?

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                Closed. Pity, I really loved their grilled sweetbreads, the one time we visited.