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May 16, 2007 05:17 PM

Need help finding a bakery that makes cakes like Ace of Cakes

My fiances birthday is on June 12th and I would like to get her a cake like the one they make on Ace of Cakes but nobody seems to know where I can go to get one around here. I live in Glendale but work in Beverly Hills. Can anyone please help me? Thank you for your time and help.

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  1. Can you tell us what you mean? I know cakes, but not Ace of Cakes.

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      sorry it is a show on Food Network and they makes these cool cakes covered with fondant in all these cool colors.

    2. cake and art in west hollywood

      1. Cake Divas has some pretty crazy cakes on their website. I would think any wedding cake place that does fondant is worth asking, since they must do a lot of groom's cakes in various hobby-related shapes (baseballs, chess sets, team jerseys, etc.)

        1. with enough lead time, Hansen's can make just about anything into a cake. I hate to keep using this example (but it's the craziest thing i've done with them personally) but they created a cake for me that looked like the sorting hat from harry potter (totally three dimensional and towering). it wasn't cheap, but it was definitely memorable. I'd work out of the Beverly Hills showroom on S Beverly Drive (west side of street, just south of wilshire blvd.) as i find them to be the most receptive to creative ideas.

          1. Rossmoor Pastries in Long Beach. They do all the cakes for Staples and they can make anything! I saw this giant Fear Factor cake they did where they made a guy with his face burried in a pile of bugs...ewww but very cool. Really nice people too.

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              Second this. A friend did a wedding cake tasting there a few weeks ago and she was overwhelmed by the cakes they were working on. Among many was a baseball stadium with a giant baseball for Tommy Lasorda's b-day.