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Oct 7, 2005 02:00 PM

Mayflower Dim Sum in Milpitas?

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Hi there --

Going to Mayflower Dim Sum in Milpitas on Sunday...

Does anyone have any suggestions of BETTER places in that area?

I have never been to Mayflower...but have heard lukewarm reviews and am wondering if there is a better alternative!

Thank you!

Love you chowhounds.

J Ha

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  1. If you're talking about the Mayflower in the Great Mall, my friend claims the food there is the closest thing to Vancouver quality Chinese food that he's had in the U. S.

    1. I don't know another BETTER place. May Flower is one of the best places in California for dim sum. I was just there last weekend (I don't live in the area). I had:

      Har Gow
      Siu Mei
      Shrimp Cheung Fun
      Nor Mai Gai (sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves)
      Beef tripe - steamed with ginger and a bit of curry powder
      Seen Jook Guon (steamed minced pork wrapped with fresh tofu sheets)
      Daikon Cake

      All excellent! Speaking as a native Hong Konger who grew up eating dim sum.

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      1. re: BLeung

        There are 2 MF, there is one inside Ranch 99 complex (near the actual market) and another one inside the GreatMall.

        Which one did you go ?

        1. re: Han Lukito

          Sorry. I didn't know that there are 2 locations. (Do they serve the same thing?)

          The one I went to is in the same mall as 99 Ranch. From the business card:

          May Flower Restaurant
          428 Barber Lane
          Milpitas, CA 95035
          (408) 922-2700

      2. h
        Hungry 4 Food

        I'd much rather go to Joy Luck Palace in Cupertino, off 280, Wolfe Road, than Mayflower. Since we found Joy Luck Palace, there was no reason to go to Mayflower. I prefer the decor at Joy Luck. By the way, it does get crowded on weekends at Joy Luck.

        1. Mayflower dim sum isn't bad. Their non-dimsum dishes don't really do much for me, though. Even so, I vastly prefer Dynasty Seafood in San Jose. (Be wary of the one in Cupertino; the reviews aren't as good.) Dynasty does dim sum every day of the week. I've been there during the weekday and on weekends and I absolutely love it.


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          1. re: Michelle

            Agree, Dynasty is a much better option.

          2. Just a block away is ABC Seafood. Really like their dim sum, although I did NOT grow up eating this delightful type of food. Last time, the place was packed and we were the only non-asians there and were made to feel very welcome. Highly recommended.

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            1. re: Reuel

              I like ABC Seafood too. I 've always had a great meal. Sometimes the service isn't as friendly though. I also like Loon Wah in Cupertine on Deanza, near Hwy85, which is closer to home.