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May 16, 2007 04:15 PM

Dinner near Davies Symphony Hall

Looking for a good place for four before going to see Pink Martini on July 7th.
I live in Sacramento (Rocklin actually) but know my way around SF pretty well.
I've had dinner before at Hayes St Grill and Absinthe. Loved them both. Haven't
been in the area in over a year. Any other places in that vicinity that I should
consider? Want to stay within walking distance of Davies. Thanks in advance
for you suggestions.

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  1. Sauce is in the area. Personally, I would go with Absinthe though. I think it's the best option around there. But then again, it's one of my favorite restaurants!!!

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    1. re: christineb

      Actually, I did consider Sauce. I'm going to share the menu with my friends and see
      what they think. Thanks for the quick response.

      1. re: nxmarti

        The Guinness ice cream shake alone is worth going to Sauce!

    2. A brand-new Peruvian restaurant, Essencia, just opened this week at the corner of Hayes and Gough. I haven't been there to comment further, but if you wanted to be experimental and report back, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it.. :-) By the time July 7 rolls around, there will probably be more reports too.

      1. You might try Suppenkuche -- large portions of good German food, and great beers. It's on the corner of Hayes and Laguna -- five or six blocks from the Davies box office entrance on Grove.