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May 16, 2007 04:09 PM

Chinese takeout in Winston-Salem

Who has good chinese takeout in Winston-Salem? I usually go to Kowloon (Cloverdale SC near Harris Teeter) because its reasonably good and very close to my house. Sampan (Peters Creek Pkwy) is really good too. Any others I might be missing?

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  1. the local paper lauded the place on hanes mall blvd in the same center as the bk. THough I think may have a broader pan asian menu

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    1. re: quazi

      Oriental Cafe is the asian place that quazi is recalling. We've gotten take out from there several times and I think that it is a notch or two above Kowloon in quality and most items that I've had are as good or better than what I had on my last visit to Sampan (plus the decor is nicer, if you happen to dine in) The menu is pan-asian, but is primarily Chinese and Japanese (w/ a sushi bar), with a few Thai items thrown in for good measure.

      1. re: kdbarlow

        I have been to OC a couple of times and enjoyed it very feeble mind never considered getting a takeout from there. Thats a great suggestion! I'll have to give that a try! Thanks for the suggestion.