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May 16, 2007 03:51 PM

Chocolate Covered Strawberries on the Westside -- Where to buy for a gift

So, the post about Berry Elegance got me thinking. My personal trainer is graduating from college next week and I wanted to give him a little treat. He told me that one of his indulgences is chocolate covered strawberries. Where to purchase on the Westside? Thanks.

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  1. Leonidas near the Promenade sells them.

    1. I usually dislike chocolate covered strawberries because the chocolate is so hard it all comes off on the first bite, and the strawberries are too tart to go with the sweetness of the milk chocolate used by most places.

      However, my sister insisted I take a bite of a Whole Foods chocolate covered strawberry once, and I really loved it! The berry was sweet enough to pair with the chocolate, and the chocolate was properly tempered so it didn't all crust off in one crunch. Instead, only the part I bit came off. Delicious! They're also large and beautiful.

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        The best ones are usually made with dark/bittersweet chocolate that has a bit of cream or butter added to make a firm ganache. I love the ones served at Toscana in Brentwood, they may be willing to pack up a few to go.

        1. re: Pei

          I'm with you. Mostly choc covered strawberries is one of those things that's better in concept than reality. Probably the best version is do it yourself so you can control the ripeness and the quality of choc which is still warm as you bite into it.

          1. re: mc michael

            Fresh strawberries in chocolate fondue is the best, but neither I nor my friends can ever get the fondue right. It always ends up a dry chocolate mess.

        2. try Comparte (i think right off Wilshire on Barrington?) I've had really good luck with special orders and just dropping by.

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            Thx. I think I'm going to give them a try. They said to order at least 1 day in advance as they have to make sure they can get the strawberries. $3.50 a berry. This will be pretty convienent for me, so I think I will go with this. Berry Elegance quoted me like $20 for same day delivery in LA -- just not worth it if I'm only ordering like $30 worth of berries.

            1. re: Snoopy

              Compartes is awesome. Besides strawberries, which are pretty excellent, you should grab a box of their specialty truffles as well, even if it's for yourself. Jonathan, the owner/chocolatier, makes these crazy combinations such as lemongrass-curry, tangerine-mint, and peanut-seasalt. And he's like 21 years old or something unbelievable like that.

              Talk about a dream job!

          2. You can order really, really good ones from Shari's Berries online. Have used them quite often and have never been disappointed with the great quality of the berries or the chocolate. Reliable delivery too. Good luck! Web address:

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              i second the shari's berries rec. always top quality.

            2. Just a thought...but, you can order Berry Elegance online. Gave them to my Mom on Mother's Day and she LOVED them!!! We are hooked.