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May 16, 2007 03:41 PM

Electric BBQ Grill

does anyone Know of a decent electric grill seeing as my condo outlawed propane and charcoal grills.( no more Weber :(

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  1. I understand Char-Broil makes a nice one. I'm in a condo and we have the same rule,

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      In a condo or apartment, Meco grills seem to make the most sense. They're the only ones our old landlord let us use, because being smokeless there is less risk. Either the cart or the tabletop.

    2. Nice is a relative term , I would call the Char Broil electric grill the "one that sucks the least". The basic "patio caddie" is rated at 110V/1680 W and costs about $200. It does NOT get as hot as a basic built in electric range, which is typically 230V/2100W.

      I have investigate two brands of "permanently intstalled" electric grills. They are VERY pricey, but the heat output is at least in the league of typical gas grills. Electri_Chef has units rated 230V/4400W and start around $2k, CalFlame has units that start about $500 lesss, though they are for "built-in" install and would require you to fabricate an outdoor cooking center"...

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        Do you know anything about the Firestone condo grill?

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          That Firestone I saw was about $600.00. I don't know about phatchris, but I can't have a "permanently installed" anything. I guess I could take two electric coil burners and place a double sided grill/griddle (cast iron) on them. Since the Char-Broil must not be any good.

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            I think that the Electri-Chef is available with a "clothes dryer" type plug-in installation. These are 230V units. I would STRONGLY caution against trying to "build your own" the potential for a horrible electrocution would be very high.
            The Firestone grills have better made housings than the Mecco & Charboil, but the same wimpy type heating element. That is the limit with a typical 15 Amp plug in circuit.

            Personally, it is stuff like this makes me want to never live in a condo or even a development with a homeowners association/"restrictive covenants".

            Grilling with an open flame ought to be protected by the Constitution!

            1. re: renov8r

              I totally agree but unfortunately thare aren't many houses in Boston, I think I'm going with the 500$ Firestone, the little video on their website sold me.

          2. re: phatchris

            Hi...did you ever buy a grill for your condo? Let me know which one and how you like it. I was looking at the firestone electril condo grill but it is a little pricey.thanks....if anyone has suggestions???? let me know..thanks

        2. I'm in the same position and bought this Meco unit.

          I use a few wood chips to get some extra flavor and heat..and the rotisserie is nice

          I bought mine from this site and have been very happy with their customer service. I use it a lot..and the heating element burns out after a lot of use..just get a replacement.

          1. farberware...fantastic and inexpensive...highly rated...has a rotisserie attachment that does wonders with whole chickens and large beef roasts

            highly recommended!

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              researched this and found it not made anymore...but found them on ebay

              it's called the farberware open hearth grill/rotisserie

              you can probably pick one up for about $50...why would you spend $600??

              buy one

            2. Check out the Charbroil Patio Bistro. It is about $400.00 at Home Depot. It's on wheels, has a built in cooler/icechest, a section to hang your BBQ tools as well as a workspace on top. It has an adjustable thermostat to warm - grill - or BBQ. I use mine all the time and find that it cooks very well, keeping the desired temperature.