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May 16, 2007 03:21 PM

Group dining spot in or near Santa Clara?

Hi there. I'm looking for a restaurant in Santa Clara or within a 10-minute drive from the Santa Clara Convention Center. I'm organizing a board dinner for about 30 people and have a budget of about $45 per person (not including alcohol, tax, or gratuity). I would prefer a private dining room, but not necessary. The group is open to any type of food as long as there are vegetarian options available. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

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  1. Here are the places I take my groups, but 20 has been my limit, so call them to confirm if they can fit your 30 members:

    Birk's has a room in the back, and is really popular with the meat and wine crowd. Best to call them about vegetarian options.

    FAZ on Mathilda in Sunnyvale is remodeling for the next 11 days, but if they're finished in time for your dinner, I highly recommend their food and the decor. They have a couple of rooms in the back, but again, do check on the size (I've only taken groups of 12 - 20 there.) I know they have vegetarian options.

    Saigon Hong Kong on Lawrence Expy has a room in the back that should seat 30, but it doesn't have much atmosphere (read: NO atmosphere) but the food there has gotten better every time I've eaten there - last week, it was actually terrific.

    Tied House is more than 10 minutes away, but the groups I've taken there have always loved the food and the beers. They have a couple of nice patio areas.

    Do NOT consider the new Piatti's at Rivermark - I had a terrible meal there a few months ago.

    1. Nicolinos in Sunnyvale and Lion and Compass have private rooms, I don't know about vegetarian options. Both have web sites.

      1. Faultline Brewery might be a good option. The food and setting is slightly more upscale than the Tied House but I think Tied House probably does a better job with service for a crowd.

        Birk's is quite loud so I wouldn't go there unless you can book the private room.

        Parcel 104 is closest to the convention center. It would be the perfect setting for a board dinner but it's very pricey.

        1. Almost right next to the convention center is the David's Restaurant in the Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club. It has a nice big high-ceiling, bright lots of glass type of dining room. The food (pasta) I had here were actually decent for pre-set group lunch.

          Nicolino's which is down the other side of the street however was dark and had an old school feel. The food I had there (also pasta) as part of pre-set group dinner was not good at all, especially compared to David's. Also had a taste of their steak, which was worse than what I can make, and I don't cook.


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            David's is a good location, but the food can be inconsistent. Once I had the mushroom burger, and it was the best burger ever (juicy, flavorful). Then - you guessed it - the next time, it was terrible (dry, tasteless). Go figure.