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May 16, 2007 03:03 PM

Stephen Pyles - tapas/meze?

Thinking of trying Stephen Pyles for dinner. It is a special occasion for my husband and I but that doesn't mean it has to be a three course meal. Are the tapas and meze good for a meal? They all sound good, but would we be disppointed if we had them instead of going for the main menu?
Any thoughts? It is a pricey place, for us, is the general consensus that it is worth it? Any other suggestions if not, in the same ballpark? We are staying at the Fairmont.

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  1. My wife and I actually prefer the tapas and the tapas bar to the restaurant. I had 1 good dinner in the dinning room and one bad. Tapas bar is fun as it is lively and has an open kitchen. I also like it cuz you can get several different things and share.

    1. Haven't tried their tapas, but loved every meal I had at the restaurant. The ambiance is lively and upbeat (so naturally a tad noisy). Stephan Pyles is high on my list and it is worth it. I hope you'd enjoy it and let us know what you think!

      1. Have eaten dinner there twice..and yes, I think it is worth it..all of the ceviches are excellent, great caesar salad, huge and delicious bone-in rib eye covered with these ultra thin fried onions, tamale tart, short ribs, and my favorite dessert is the Heaven and Hell Cake...I went with about 8 people both times, so I was able to sample a lot of dishes...Frankly, if money is an issue, I might just do the tapas...though several of them will "add up" before you know it...You could EASILY split a ribeye as it is HUGE...The cake is not to be missed, IMO...It's really a great place, and no matter how you decide to go, you will enjoy it...Don't think you can make reservations for the tapas bar...If you decide to have dinner, be sure to make your reservations early, especially if it is the weekend..they book up quickly....

        1. Here are my thoughts on Stephen Pyles copied form another thread:

          1. The restaurant is beautiful. The setting is modern without being too trendy. The tables are not crowded too close together so that you hear everything happening at the next table. It is clearly a very nice place, but not formal. You feel like you can laugh and be a little noisy, yet the place is quite enough to carry on a conversation.

          2. The kitchen is pretty open and you can see what is happening in there. It is fun to watch everyone work. When I have been, Stephen Pyles was there and working front of house.

          3. The ceviche menu is amazing. Chef Pyles spent several months travelling in Peru and other places in South and Central America to learn about various types of ceviche. You can predr a cevich tasting of 3 or 6...I like the hamachi and halibut the best.

          4. The poblano asiago soup is amazing. Creamy without being too heavy and perfectly balanced flavors. I think I would force myself to eat it in the dead of summer heat. I don't care too much for the Southwestern was fine but a waste of stomach space in a restaurant this good.

          5. Hubby likes the rib-eye. It is enormous and served with great, crisp onion rings. I prefer the lamb which was cooked medium-rare. A nice red center was very tender.

          6. Desserts are sublime. The Heaven and Hell Cake is a great way to end the meal and we also had some banana bread pudding type dish. I don't remember the name, but that it was served in a tiny cast iron pot

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            Thanks all for the feeback. I know my husband would like that rib-eye. Cant wait to try the place!