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May 16, 2007 02:44 PM

Great Food in Kittery at Bob's Clam Hut

We stopped in Kittery this past weekend and ended up at Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery. It is located just before the bridge in Kittery and right before the outlets. The lobster rolls at Bob's is not too be missed. Pure hunks of lobster in a grilled hot dog roll with choice of drawn butter or may to put on it. Yum Yum. Also, fresh seafood in all varieties. Loved it.

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  1. I love Bob's...except once ' the season' hits. the lines are long, traffic is challenging, and randomly the french fries are soggy. My favorite, though, is the fried clam Po;Boy. The tartar sauce that they serve with any of the fried seafood is unlike any I've had other pickles in it :-)

    Has anyone tried their new place "Robert's Grill"? ( a bit fruther up Rt 1)?


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      i will say this- i love bob's clam hut lobster roll's in the summertime, in season- they are big and fresh and juicy and plentiful and lovely. however, bob's is one of the few shacks that is open in the winter and let me just say - do not get a lobster roll here in winter- it was rubbery, not very fresh, tasted like it had been frozen ( a sure sign of a bad lobster roll)- stick with the great clam's and fried seafood, and they have ben and jerry's right next to the counter (which makes the kids very happy). enjoy- fb