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May 16, 2007 02:39 PM

Latin steak

Where in Montreal for the best Latin steak? I'm a bit clueless when checking out some Latin establishments, & I'm a big beef lover. What Latin steak dishes should I look for(I'm open to all Latin cuisines)?

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  1. Argentina and Uruguay are famed as the homes of steak eaters. There aren't a lot of Argentinean restos in Montréal - one would be El Gaucho on Parc - there is a new one opening on St-Denis opposite Carré St-Louis.

    I'm not a big beef or red-meat lover in general, but my Argentinean friend C's bbq'd steaks and other parts of dead cow (and sheep) do win my heart.

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      BTW, I'm not looking for Latin steakhouses in Montreal(I could only think of one off-hand in Montreal, & I don't know if it still exists). I see Peruvian restaurants in Montreal for example, & they're usually several beef dishes there.

      1. re: BLM

        You've confused me. Are you looking for steak or for beef dishes?

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          steak, steak steak. The only reason I stated I'm not looking for Latin steakhouses, is that I don't think it exists in Montreal(if there's a latin steakhouse in Montreal please let me know).

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            Come to think of it, there's the Brazilian churrascaria Le Milsa on Bishop street. Any opinions on them?

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        In form or another. Like I said, I'm sometimes clueless what to order in Latin menus(maybe latin steak doesn't exist, as far as what North Americans think as steak).

      2. on du parc, between bernard and van horne on the west side, theres an argentinian place that is fairly low key. i know someone who went and said he had an amazing steak. ive never brave enough.

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          You're talking about Casa Gaucho? Is it still around(this is the one, I wasn't sure it still exists)?

          1. re: BLM

            no de carillion or something like that
            there was a shooting out front 3 yrs ago!
            it looks like they renovated or something though
            i walked by the other day and wondered why i still had never gone
            some day

            Carillon Resto-Bar (Le)
            5872 AVENUE DU PARC - (514) 490-1919
            Get directions - More information
            More local business results »

        2. I happen to be around the Beaubien area, & checked the Dona Maria restaurant's(serving Salvadorian food) menu outside & they have a grilled steak dish(combo of steak(8-10oz cut?), rice, plaintains, etc). Don't know what cut of steak they use(a different cut than what you normally see). Any ideas what cut it is? Is a steak at Dona Maria good? I've seen other grilled steak dishes at other Latin restaurants around town.

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            Several in that area including Las Américas (Clark and St-Zotique, at the corner of Parc de la Petite-Italie) and El Amigo (St-Dominique and St-Zotique) feature steak deals, but I haven't had them.

            I very much miss the wee Argentinean eatery Tanguito at the corner of St-Zotique and St-Vallier - it was always packed but closed down and became of all things in that area a fake Italian resto run by people who seem to be from South Asia. My Argie (and beef-loving) friend suspects the older couple that ran that friendly place were able to get a good deal to sell it, and retire. They had a nice little steak - it was a nice little resto with humble foods such as very good empanadas, Argentine pizza, torta pascualina (a Ligurian vegetable and egg pie very popular in Argentina)...