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May 16, 2007 02:35 PM

PHX: City North Restaurants

Five sprawlicious restaurants have been announced for the new City North development in northeast Phoenix:

For the most part, they seem pretty ho-hum, but I'm intrigued by the mention of Il Fornaio. I believe Il Fornaio had a location in Scottsdale during the late '90s Italian restaurant boom but left once the Atkins mania made pasta less popular and a lot of lesser Italian restaurants closed or transformed themselves into steakhouses. I think it occupied the space now inhabited by Roaring Fork.

Any reactions to the other names?

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    1. Il Fornaio: pretty good but not great. They have very good atmosphere, and there is a bakery attached (at least at the ones I've visited in Carmel and Pasadena). I like their bakery very well, actually; especially the raisin bread. In "walking cities", it's a nice place to stop for a snack: cookie and pellegrino type thing. For lunch or dinner, however, we already have much better choices for Italian.

      Kona Grill: I assume this is the leading cause of your "ho-hum."

      I don't know anything about Blue Martini. I've heard of Cameron Mitchell, but never had the food.

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        Agreed -- we used to visit the Il Fornaio in Pasadena, and found the menu so-so, but the bakery very good.

      2. Sounds like an interesting mix. There's an Il Fornaio is Vegas. It's not bad. Wouldn't be my first choice.

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        1. re: arizonagirl

          I dined @ a Daily Grill in VA last year for a company meeting.
          The restaurant was definitely part of a 'corporate' conglomorate...and has that 'corporate' feel.

          It was very well run, and the food was great! It is definitely along the lines of a Cheese Cake Factory or a Houstons... w/ the emphasis on American, Grill food....w/ very large portions.

          I had the Grilled Vegetable plate w/ Jasmine rice...that was enough for 2 + to share!

          I am sure it will do well at City North.

          It has a menu that will appeal to the mass population!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Il Fornaio is very good in SF on teh Embarkadero. The one here where the Roaring Fork resides was, was not as good. Now if you want authentic italian go to Marcellinos