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May 16, 2007 02:01 PM

quiet romantic spot near Worcester

I'm looking for a place with good drinks and decent food and appetizers to meet my sweetie after work. North or East of Worcester is best.
We are middle-aged and enjoy good conversation in a comfortable and private environment. We're coming up on our 4th anniversary and I'd like to surprise her.
A big plus would be if it has a quiet parking lot to watch the sunset.
Too much to ask for?

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  1. O'conner's, just north of worcester, might actually be in worcester. you may be able to see the sunset over 190, but romantic it isn't...good spots along the eservoir near there though. drinks are greak, food is can get crowded, but in a pleasant people enjoyingthemselvesway, not loud music and kids.

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      O'connor's is nice, but it isn't private or romantic in my opinion. I would go to Rovezzi's (haven't seen the Worcester one, but Rutland is nice, Bocado (right off 290), Perhaps Sole Proprietor if you request not to be in the back dining area, and I hear that many of the restaurants on Shrewsbury St. are nice. But the only one I've been to is Coral Seafood and I wasn't impressed. It's the new one next to Starbucks. There used to be a romantic place called Tiano's. It moved and reopened and now it's Tovino's I think. If you are willing to go to Princeton, Sonoma is dark and romantic and nice.


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        Great suggestions, thank you. The one in Princeton sounds very nice. Now I think I have too many choices!! ;-) I think I'll read over some reviews before making any final choice.

        thanks again, Meryl!

    2. There's always the Old Mill if you're willing to drive to Westminster. Not sure if you can see the sunset, but it's in a woodsy area, has a duck pond and is located (as the name implies) in a cute old mill. Maybe more quaint then romantic, but it is a nice setting (my wife likes it). You could always walk up Mt. Wachusett or Mt. Watatic in Ashburnham with a flask of whisky to get the romantic sunset part over with. The food won't blow you away but won't make you unhappy either, and it's not that expensive. Congrats on the anniversary.

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      1. re: Zabalburu

        I've been to the Old Mill - you're right. Food is okay but the only time I've been there is weekend breakfast. Might be a great start to a day out and the hikes are a good tie-in activity.
        Thanks for the suggestions.

        1. re: eatumup

          I have to disagree about the Old Mill. I live very closeby, and I won't go there. I always think that it's such a shame.

          They have the most beautiful setting! I've gone to photograph the ducks and geese. I love how they put out old sticky buns to feed the ducks if you eat there. But that's where it ends.

          I'll admit, I waited tables there for a very short time. The fact that I was never too interested in the food shocked me. I stuck to eating the crackers they put out on the table.

          The food they put out on the buffet is just gross.

          There are a few dishes that are nice, but they are the most fattening ones on the menu. Oh, and I guess that if you like steak, then it might be nice.

          Don't order mixed drinks if you aren't there on a Friday or Saturday night - otherwise your waitperson will make them. And that might not be good. I had no idea about bartending and mixing drinks, but it was my responsibility to do it. Unfortunately, one of my customers told me that she had the worst cosmo ever in my service. Sorry lady! I truly felt terrible, but I'm not a bartender and they shouldn't offer mixed drinks unless they have someone there who can make them.

          But I stopped eating there before I ever worked there. I feel the food is mediocre. It comes across to me like the kind of place where locals can go and get large portions of food for a decent price. But I'd rather drive farther and pay more money to eat elsewhere.


      2. The place that should fit all of your desires to a T would be The Harrington Farm in Princeton. Sonoma, as has been previously mentioned, has excellent food at upscale prices but is, basically, in a strip mall. Yes, Harrington's is also pricey but this is an intimate place with expansive grounds, gorgeous sunsets and great food.

        Here's the link;

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          All of these are very good suggestions. Sonoma is outstanding but it is on the pricier side. Harrington Farm has a beautiful location but the food is nothing special. I don't know if Tianos reopened, but if it did you should go there, used to be one of my favorite restaurants. Also on Shrewsbury street there is Portobellos which is Italian, great food, and a small restaurant so very intimate. Old Mill also beautiful property, food not so much. If you don't mind the prices I say go for Sonoma

        2. If you don't mind a little south of Worcester, The Grafton Inn, is one of the most romantic places around. Very quaint and the food was very good. Some of the back roads have wonderful sunsets.

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          1. re: othervoice

            Hey othervoice,
            The Grafton Inn upgraded their cuisine whilst I wasn't looking? How long ago did this happen? It was always a charming-looking place put they never seemed to aspire to to raise their menu to that same level in the past. We will go back based on your rec. BTW, I still stand by my two thumbs-way-up assessment of Harrington Farm. We were there very recently and afterwards the missus couldn't be kept from violating my own personal space, if you know what I mean :-))

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              Harp you're a riot....will have to try the farm soon. I'm not sure when the Inn changed, I had a very nice lunch there a few months ago. Let us know how it goes.