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May 16, 2007 01:47 PM

NY flight delayed. Arriving late tonight. Where to eat (42nd is hotel) that's open late/delivers?

Hi all,
I was happily getting ready to board here in Tampa headed for the big city, salivating over what I was going to eat at 9pm ish.
We were just informed we're boarding at 8:20 (which means I'm in at Midnight by the end of it).

Any recommendations? Anyone deliver (perhaps the hotel will hold it for me...not sure) or anything open late. Everything in the midtown area I know of closes by then.

Stuck with Instant Noodles in Tampa until midnight

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  1. The latest places I can think of in Manhattan are Olympic Pita, which closes at 11:30, and J2, which closes at 12. Olympic takes delivery orders until 11, so what I suggest is that if your plane lands before 11, call them from the airport (212-869-7482) and ask them deliver to your hotel as late as they can. I'm not sure whether J2 delivers at all, late at night.

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      Alibaba (85th and Amsterdam) is usually open till 1:30 or 2, you could always tell the cab to stop by on your way in from LaGuardia or Kennedy, its not out of your way if you come via the Triboro bridge. On the other hand maybe its easier to stop and pick something up in Queens if you're using the Van Wyck and Grand Central to come in....

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      1. Nu, so what happened? We're sitting on shpilkes here.

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          Oy, sorry - these are all great ideas.
          I had to board, and hence the free wireless was cut off in the Tampa airport and I didn't get the info..long story short I found that Le Marais is open till 12. I ordered a meal on the plane, turning my phone off just as we were taking off, gave my credit card, etc. and to my dismay they did not deliver to the hotel and when called they said they didn't get all of my information!!!. I arrived at 11:55 and was unable to do anything although the kitchen probably could have done something prior to that when I had landed if they had bothered to call and tell me. I of course in a fit of hunger yelled and accused the manager whose nonchallance was legendary, and so ,I went to a bodega and bought some crackers with a hecksher. BUT This was great info and Olympic Pita would have worked- the trick is whether they'll deliver to the hotel if I am not there. Also I might have paid for a cab had I known 1 or 2am Alibaba was still there. I was that hungry!

          I worked it out here in Chicago last night- Kosher Gourmet caterer delivered and charged it to the hotel, which then applied it to my room at the Westin.