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May 16, 2007 01:41 PM

The Local (MPLS) New Dining & Event Space

I just received an invite to a networking event @ The Hollow (see photo), which is the name that the folks @ The Local have given to their new event, meeting & dining space. Based on the attached photo I'm guessing it's subterranean. I love the feel of their existing space. Anybody know the real scoop on this?

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  1. This area is above ground on the first floor and on the other side of the East bar area (the part that wasn't renovated last year). They've cut doorways into the eastern wall and feels like you're walking into a hobbit's house. I have no idea what this space was previously used for, and I'd have never known there was that much missing room between the bar, kitchen and bathrooms.

    Perhaps it was a dungeon ala Starlite/Bobino...

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      where all those little private rooms were, with the couches & coffeetables?