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May 16, 2007 01:40 PM

Delivery in Carroll Gardens

Hey all,

I'm moving from Park Slope to Carroll Gardens and I know that my standard delivery places won't go the extra half mile. Anyone have recommendations? I know everyone has different tastes to just to give you an idea of what I'm looking for - for Chinese we usually order Hunan Delight, for Thai either Mango or Watana Siam, and for super cheap and easy we sometimes go with Happy Tortilla.

Anything and everything suggested will probably be tried at least once.


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  1. Do not fear.

    Hunan D delivers to me (1st place), as does Andy's in BH. They both beat the local Chinese options. Joya is the best Thai for miles IMHO. No good Mexican delivery. Excellent Italian from Fragole. Chip Shop in BH delivers sometimes. Zaytoons for Middle Eastern. Jake's for BBQ. Cube 63 for great but expensive Japanese, lots of options for cheaper and less good. Many more...

    You won't starve in Carroll Gardens.

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    1. re: MRich

      Agree with all of the above and add Chicory for Fried Chicken, pretty decent sides and fine sandwiches, Crave for good but expensive delivery and they only take cash for delivery, Savoia has good personal pizzas that deliver well (although I prefer Fragoli for Italian) and you can get PJ Hanley's to deliver if you live close enough for better than average bar food. Agree that the Mexican options are horrible. Welcome to the neighborhood.

      1. re: MRich

        Bleh, sorry but Joya is way overrated imho. Go with 'Em, much more interesting. Though I will say Joya wins for cheap.

        Zaytoons is great. Plenty of other mid east options that deliver on Atlantic, dotted around Sahadi's, grab some menus. The place between Sahadi's and Damascus (forget the name, starts with an S) has wonderful falafel sandwiches.

        Chance is great for dim sum take out.

        For pizza, I'd go with Layla Jones or Savoia.

        Chip Shop is great for fish/chips and for shephard's pie.

        Agree on Cube 63, our favorite sushi in the area.

        1. re: Nehna

          Right there with you on Joya. I do not understand why people like the place. Boring and dull, with no complexity of flavor. I get all riled up about that one for some reason. I agree that Em is a better Thai option in the 'hood (they do the hard-to-find dish Kaow Soy, though it's called Chaing Mai noodle on their menu). Nine-D, a newer Thai place on Court isn't all bad either - their dry red chicken curry with green beans is quite good.

          I love Chicory through-and-through, definitely a great addition to anyone's delivery needs.

          I was crushed when I moved and learned that Mancora, the Peruvian place on Smith, wouldn't deliver down to me at 9th street (their cut-off is Nelson). Wonderful, inexpensive stuff - the steak entree is great, the platanos are sweetly delicious and you get tons of food for your $ - half a chicken for something like $5. In a similar vein, the Cuban place on Smith isn't that all fabulous overall, but I do enjoy getting some of the sandwiches delivered - they travel well and are pretty satisfying.

          House of Pizza and Calzone on Union is the best area pizza delivery I think. though I would warn against delivery of their famous deep-fried calzone. NOT a dish that travels well...

          Does Chance deliver the dim sum? For some reason that place has always scared me a little...

          1. re: janejane

            Chance does deliver, and it's a pretty great resource.

            Chang's Golden City on Henry @ Baltic has been consistent, and our cheap cheap go-to for chinese recently.

            1. re: EJC

              We like Buddy’s Burritos, reasonably priced, tasty and prompt delivery service. We also tried Mexicali this past weekend and will add them into rotation. Their food was very good,and we’re curious to try more of their dishes. Very reasonably priced and they do deliver, definitely a step above Pacifico/Lobo/California Tacqueria, the later two we find awful. The Tacqueria we just avoid at all costs and we had a terrible delivery experience w/ Lobo, though they do make a heck a margarita.

              For pizza you can try Sal’s (they have this caller-ID thing in place which prevents you from sending 10 pies to an ex-girlfriend, teacher or hated colleague). Their pies are sufficient. Layla Jones, whose pies and sandwiches are a little bit different then your typical pizzeria, is decent as well.

              I’m probably in the minority here but we like Osaka for sushi. Their sushi, sashimi, hot dishes and service are always good IMO and we find their sushi delivers well. Some people complain that their rolls are too big, we don’t mind that one bit. When we want a change of pace we hit Ki on Smith. One of the best sushi places in the nabe.

              Em is definitely a better bet then Joya for Thai – no question. We also like Lemongrass. It’s nothing spectacular, I just find them to have good, consistent Thai and a nice place to eat in as well.

              Middle Eastern we go to Waterfalls on Atlantic, not sure how far down into Carroll Gardens they deliver to.

              And what dishes do you recommend from Chang’s? We find them just to be OK, maybe we’re missing something?

              1. re: MShapiro

                I generally prefer the veg dishes @ Lichee Nut (or the quick walk across the Manhattan Bridge for proper chinese food). However, when we're feeling cheap or indulgent, Chang's makes consistently good General Tso chicken, sesame chicken, and chicken with snow peas (much more so than Andy's and Lichee Nut, IMO).

                  1. re: MShapiro

                    We've only been to Lemongrass once, and it was for lunch a couple weeks ago. They have a very very generous and cheap bento box deal there. Had an excellent and very spicy basil beef that was served with sticky rice, a salad, and I think 4 or 5 different types of dumplings/spring roll. Left stuffed and pleased!

                1. re: janejane

                  Last time I passed by, I saw a sign on the space saying Mancora is now closed--visit their Manhattan location. So, no need to feel bad about being out of the delivery zone :).

                  1. re: Marion Morgenthal

                    Wow, things change so fast! I swear I walked by Mancora just last weekend and they were fullly operational. And thanks to Nehna, below, for the Chance update - I really didn't know that they had moved beyond scary fusion mode. I love that I live within blocks and it takes chowhound to keep me updated!

                  2. re: janejane

                    Chance used to be scary when they first opened and tried to be upscale yet very gaudy decor. We had a pretty bad meal there at Chance '1.0'. Some time later they went more with what they seem to know very well how to do.....straight forward Chinese with no pretensions. The dim sum is tasty (I like the beef and pine nut dumplings, the pork shu mai). I haven't had that many of the entrees but have never been disappointed with them. I've have some good peking duck sandwiches (on pork bun style bread).

                    When we eat there we tend to sit at the bar and order a lot of dim sum and some fried rice to share.

                    And they have a great bento box lunch deal.

              2. Caserta Vecchia on Smith - I love their pizza. Get the sausage and peppers one... it's incredible!