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May 16, 2007 01:32 PM

Good chow in Kings Highway/Midwood area?

Hi Chowhounders -

I'll be back in the "old neighborhood" on Sunday and am looking for some tasty suggestions for where/what to eat. I know this is fairly close to Di Fara and Olympic Pita, but if I could find something between the B/Q Kings Highway stop and Kings Highway/E.30th street, that would be awesome.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Joe's pizza of the Bleeker street fame just opened a small branch on Kings Highway, one block up from the subway (next to Hollywood video). While not matching DiFara, it's the next best slice of pizza by a mile.

    I take it you are Russian (by your name) - a good shashlik is a must, then. There is a fairly new kebab place on Kings right before Ocean Avenue (opposite side of Joe's). It's run by Armenians (I believe) - it doesn't look like much, but the kebabs are amazing (and they always watch soccer on the big screen, another plus :-)).

    For sushi, Chikurin on Quentin between Coney Island and E.12th is very cheap and reliable.

    Enjoy the old nabe (can't wait to get out of it)!

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    1. re: nokitsch

      i live in midwood. do you know if the new joe's pizza on king's highway delivers??? what a godsend that would be.

      there's also a chikurin on ocean avenue and m. - cheap and ok.

      1. re: redgirl

        replying to my own message. we ordered tonite from joes of on king's highway. my hubby said they were very fast with the delivery. the pizza was fine (trust me, out here in midwood, we'll settle for fine if someone will deliver it - we've had to use frank's on ave. u for years now and their pizza is generous but the sauce is very tomato pastey) but the toppings were sinfully stingy. fresh mushrooms and sausage - each piece had barely 1/2 mushroom split on it.

        1. re: redgirl

          Sorry, didn't get a chance to reply (was out of the country) - I only tried a plain slice there, and it was very good I thought, compared to the rest. Sorry to hear that the toppings suck.

    2. The Turkish restaurant ( i think it is called Turkish Restaurant) next to the OTB on E 16th between Kings Highway and P (walking from CIE down Kings towards e 30 you take a left on 16th) is great! 24 hours too- always see policemen eating there super late night- fantastic fresh salads (4 different kinds of eggplant salads), amazing grilled meats, fresh turkish bread, SO SNARKY GOOD! highly recommended

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      1. re: frankbooth

        If posters on this thread could indicate whether the places they are discussing (like the Turkish place just above) are open on SATURDAY as well as Sunday that would be great. Sadly,. Saturday is the only day I really have freedom to roam about Brooklyn.

        1. re: frankbooth

          Excellent recommendation, sir! Can't wait to take advantage of a few of the 24 hrs. This is certainly something I wouldn't have found myself. Now I have an alternative to Bereket! And almost in my own backyard. I'm going asap.

        2. adelmans...still the same since i was a kid.

          id skip the pastrami though...very dry...their kreplach soup and burnt hot dogs are always spot on.